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BR Chestnaya Pinta

European, Burger and Sandwich, Beer House and Pub
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BR Chestnaya Pinta

Wings Boston
#14 Wings Boston
520/50/2g, chicken wings, Adjika, sauce BBQ, greens
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11.70 BYN

Spartak Dublin
#15 Spartak Dublin
250/90/50/50g, Parm ham, polendvitsa, Salami, salo, marinated gherkins, Ciabatta, horseradish
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21.50 BYN

Fields Irish
#16 Fields Irish
250g, tomato, cucumber, pepper, radish, salad Romen, greens
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8.50 BYN

Snack Jameson
#17 Snack Jameson
585g, Salami, ham, Hering, Mackerel, marinated champingones, marinated gherkins, marinated onion, Ciabatta, tomatoes Cherry, masturd, horseradish, greens
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23.50 BYN

Nachos chips with spicy sauce
#18 Nachos chips with spicy sauce
70/50/4g, garlic chips, spicy sauce, garlic sauce, pepper Chili, greens
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4.70 BYN

Meat pir Dublin
#19 Meat pir Dublin
1030/150/100/2g, wings Bon Bon, chicken things, wings BBQ, pork ribs, pork neck, pork sausages, beef lion, potato wedges, sauce Demiglas, greens
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35.00 BYN

Family snack Obrain
#20 Family snack Obrain
1200/150/5g, chicken nuggets, cheese sticks, wings BBQ, sausage, squids rings Panko, french fries, ketchup, garlic sauce, cheese sauce, greens
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38.50 BYN

Ribs BBQ Merfies
#21 Ribs BBQ Merfies
520/120/50/2g, pork wings, potato wedges, Adjika, greens
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14.50 BYN

Fruit platter
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15.00 BYN

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3.50 BYN

Soup Aintoph
#30 Soup Aintoph
450g, pork, chicken fillet, potatoes, beans, onion, carrot
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6.50 BYN

Solynka for Bushmils
#31 Solynka for Bushmils
300/50/2g, ham, brisket, Salami, sausages, beef tongue, tomato sauce, onion, pickled cucumber, capers, lemon, olives, black olives, sour cream, greens
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7.50 BYN

Hot Dishes
Tongue with tomatoes Scotsman
#25 Tongue with tomatoes Scotsman
110/105/50/2g, beef tongue, tomato sauce, bell pepper, tomato, zuccini, sauce Carry, greens
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13.80 BYN

English Steak Lord
#26 English Steak Lord
190/165/80g, pork neck, mushroom sauce, potato wedges, pepper, broccoli, corn
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17.50 BYN

Codfish with greens
#27 Codfish with greens
350g, Codfish, pepper, zuccini, carrot, sauce Carry, coconut milk
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16.50 BYN

Cut EnglishMan
#28 Cut EnglishMan
235/105/60g, pork and chicken BBQ, cucumber, tomato, salad Romen, radish, Adjika, sauce Theryaki
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12.50 BYN

Ham Hock Arthur guinness with garnish
#30 Ham Hock Arthur guinness with garnish
120/100/2g, potato wedges, sauce Carry, garlic sauce, greens
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4.00 BYN

Smell of English women
#31 Smell of English women
220/100/70/50g, Mackerel, potato wedges, lemon, salad Romen, marinated onion, sauce Garlic
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11.00 BYN

Hot Pan Lenster
#32 Hot Pan Lenster
415g, chicken leg, potatoes, cream, champingones, onion, greens
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11.50 BYN

French Fries
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2.50 BYN

Potato wedges
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2.50 BYN

FishBurger Shon
#45 FishBurger Shon
235/100/50g, salad Romen, cucumber, Salmon, sauce with spinach, french fries, ketchup
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16.50 BYN

Burger Killiana Merfi
#46 Burger Killiana Merfi
310/100/50g, tomato, pickled cucumber, beef, cheese Cheddar, fried onion, sauce BBQ, masturd sauce, french fries, ketchup
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14.50 BYN

Burger Fat Chicken
#47 Burger Fat Chicken
235/100/50g, tomato, onion, chicken thing, cheese Cheddar, sauce Carry, ruccola, french fries, ketchup
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12.00 BYN

Pizza Calzone
#52 Pizza Calzone
430g, 30cm, cheese Mozarella, tomato sauce, ham, champingones, egg, mayonnaise
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13.00 BYN

Spicy Pizza
#53 Spicy Pizza
430g, 30cm, cheese Mozarella, tomato sauce, Salami, tomato, pepper Jalapeno, mustard, black olives, sauce Tabasco, oregano
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14.30 BYN

Pizza with porcini mushrooms
#54 Pizza with porcini mushrooms
410g, 30cm, cheese Mozarella, tomato sauce, porcini mushrooms, champingones, sour cream sauce, oregano
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12.70 BYN

Cheese Pizza
#55 Cheese Pizza
335g, 30cm, cheese Mozarella, tomato sauce, cheese Cheddar, cheese Parmesan, cheese Dor Blue, ruccola
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12.30 BYN

Satisfied Pizza
#56 Satisfied Pizza
600g, 30cm, cheese Mozarella, tomato sauce, ham, brisket, champingones, onion, pepper, black olives, olives, greens, mayonnaise
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15.50 BYN

Homemade Pizza
#57 Homemade Pizza
490g, cheese Mozarella, sour cream sauce, fried chicken, brisket, champingones, pickled cucumbers, egg, red onion, greens, oregano
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13.50 BYN

Pizza Four seasons
#58 Pizza Four seasons
480g, cheese Mozarella, tomato sauce, ham, champingones, pepper, black olives
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14.30 BYN

Pizza Vegetarian
#59 Pizza Vegetarian
440g, cheese Mozarella, tomato sauce, pepper, zuccini, broccoli, black olives, spinach, greens, oregano
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12.50 BYN

Salad Chicken English
#56 Salad Chicken English
215g, chicken fillet, brisket, champingones, salad Romen, tomato, cucumber, cheese Mozarella, mayonnaise
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8.50 BYN

Salad Irish not greek
#57 Salad Irish not greek
235g, salad Romen, tomato, cuucmber, cheese Feta, ruccola, black olives, red onion, lemon,Greek sauce
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8.00 BYN

Salad Belize
#58 Salad Belize
280g, beef lion, tomato, Romen, carrot, pepper Chili, sesame oil, sauce Kimchi, soy sauce
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10.50 BYN

Sauce Curry
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1.00 BYN

Sauce BBQ
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1.00 BYN

Garlic sauce
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1.00 BYN

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1.00 BYN

Cheese sauce
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1.00 BYN

Dark ciabatta
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3.00 BYN

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25 Oct 2018
Заказывал пиццу - оказалась ужасной! Шампиньоны полностью высушены. Сама пицца подгоревшая. Дозаказывал +3 ингредиента по 50 грамм - их в сумме оказалось 50 грамм. И вес пиццы явно меньше заявленного! Крайне недоволен заведением!
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