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BR Olimp.Appetizers and SaladsBrand warm salad OlimpGreek saladSalad Ground seaSalad EveningSalad CaesarSalad Slavic castleSalad Deja VuSalad with red fishSoupsMushroom noodles soupPoultry solyankaSpecial soupHot DishesBaked Hake fiilet with vegetablesBaked Hake fillet with mushroomsBaked pork under cheeseKaribian chickenHomemade dranikiPork medallionsStuffed chicken breastPoultry fillet in cheesePork JuicyGarnishesGreen beans with pepperBoiled broccoliFrench friesVillage potatoDrinksBurnCoca ColaFantaSpriteFuzeteaBonaquaBorjomiJuice RichJuice Dobriy Japanese, European, Sushi
BR Olimp

Japanese, European, Sushi
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BR Olimp

Appetizers and Salads
Brand warm salad Olimp
#1 Brand warm salad Olimp
1/250g, chicken fillet, chicken liver, lettuce, cucumbers, lemon, tomato, onion
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7.83 BYN

Greek salad
#2 Greek salad
1/260g, tomato, cucumber, pepper, black olives, cheese, lemon, onion
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7.82 BYN

Salad Ground sea
#3 Salad Ground sea
1/200g, shrimps, squids, tomato, cucumbers, black olives, mayonnaise
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14.15 BYN

Salad Evening
#4 Salad Evening
1/150g, chicken fillet, ham, cheese, egg, cucumber, mayonnaise, greens
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7.20 BYN

Salad Caesar
#5 Salad Caesar
1/200g, chicken fillet, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, black olives, cheese, garlic, chinese cabbage, croutons
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8.10 BYN

Salad Slavic castle
#6 Salad Slavic castle
1/150g, beef tongue, canned corn, pickled cucumber, cheese, mayonnaise, onion
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8.19 BYN

Salad Deja Vu
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9.70 BYN

Salad with red fish
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7.51 BYN

Mushroom noodles soup
#9 Mushroom noodles soup
1/250/15g, mushrooms, noodles, carrot, onion
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6.20 BYN

Poultry solyanka
#10 Poultry solyanka
1/250/15g, chicken fillet, gherkins, olives, black olives, lemon, onion
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6.15 BYN

Special soup
#11 Special soup
1/250/20g, chicken fillet, broccoli, carrot, bell pepper, tomato, black olives, croutons, garlic
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8.50 BYN

Hot Dishes
Baked Hake fiilet with vegetables
#12 Baked Hake fiilet with vegetables
1/220/50g, Hake fillet, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers
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11.28 BYN

Baked Hake fillet with mushrooms
#13 Baked Hake fillet with mushrooms
1/185g, Hake fillet, lemon, cheese, champignons, sour cream, greens
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10.15 BYN

Baked pork under cheese
#14 Baked pork under cheese
1/170/40g, pork, champignons, chicken filley, cheese, onion, tomato, cucumber
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10.70 BYN

Karibian chicken
#16 Karibian chicken
1/230g, chick fillet, bell pepper, canned pineapple, onion, tomato, cucumbers, greens
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11.70 BYN

Homemade draniki
#21 Homemade draniki
1/320/100g, potato. pork, salt, pepper, sour cream
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13.78 BYN

Pork medallions
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11.50 BYN

Stuffed chicken breast
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6.94 BYN

Pork Juicy
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10.86 BYN

Green beans with pepper
#26 Green beans with pepper
1/150/30g, green beans, garlic, butter, pepper, greens
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5.99 BYN

Boiled broccoli
#27 Boiled broccoli
1/150/40g, broccoli, butter, tomato, cucumber, greens
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7.60 BYN

French fries
#28 French fries
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5.32 BYN

Village potato
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8.45 BYN

#40 Burn
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5.70 BYN

Coca Cola
#42 Coca Cola
250ml or 500ml
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2.80 BYN

#43 Fanta
250ml or 500ml
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2.80 BYN

#44 Sprite
250ml or 500ml
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2.80 BYN

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2.60 BYN

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1.85 BYN

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5.00 BYN

Juice Rich
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7.00 BYN

Juice Dobriy
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5.60 BYN

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16 May 2020
14 Dec 2019
10 Aug 2019
Суши вкусные, на вид аккуратные. Очень довольны.
10 Nov 2018
Потрясающе Вкусная кухня.
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