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BR U Mosta.Cold AppetizersSalad Belye rosySalad Telyachyi nezhnostiGreek saladSalad DreamSalad WeddingSalad CaesarSalad OceanHot AppetizersBurritos with chickenBBQPork loin on bone BBQPork neck BBQCheese BBQ in lavashChicken thighs BBQBBQ set GourmetBBQ set ChickenBBQ set WomanBread PolessianGrilled DishesGrilled MackerelPork steak Salmon steak Hot DishesPork with mushroomsPork Potayonniy karmashekPork shank with sauceChicken rolls with spinachFillet in shockMedals NezhnyeBaked poultry TemptationGarnishesVillage potatoFrench fries with garnishCauliflower in breadingSaucesSauce VardivSauce PiquantMarinated onionMayonnaiseBreadLavashDrinksJuice RichCoca ColaSpriteFantaBurnBonaqua Steak, BBQ, Grill, Kebab, Armenian
BR U Mosta

Steak, BBQ, Grill, Kebab, Armenian
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11:00 - 21:30
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BR U Mosta

Cold Appetizers
Salad Belye rosy
#1 Salad Belye rosy
160g, beef, fried champignons, boiled egg, onion, pickled cucumber, green peas, mayonnaise, greens
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7.20 BYN

Salad Telyachyi nezhnosti
#2 Salad Telyachyi nezhnosti
170g, beef, ham, cucumbers, tomatoes, marinated onion, mayonnaise, greens
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7.20 BYN

Greek salad
#3 Greek salad
200g, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, cheese Feta, dressing, greens, black olives
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6.90 BYN

Salad Dream
#4 Salad Dream
165g, poultry fillet, ham, cucumbers, corn, eggs, onion, mayonnaise
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6.60 BYN

Salad Wedding
#5 Salad Wedding
150g, poultry fillet, cheese, fried champignons, walnuts, eggs, onion, mayonnaise
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7.35 BYN

Salad Caesar
#6 Salad Caesar
180g, poultry fillet, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, bell pepper, cheese, croutons, black olives, sauce
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7.30 BYN

Salad Ocean
#7 Salad Ocean
140g, squid, egg, onion, marinated onion, mayonnaise, greens
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7.20 BYN

Hot Appetizers
Burritos with chicken
#10 Burritos with chicken
430g, lavash, chicken, spice carrot, cucumber, mayonnaise, ketchup
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7.40 BYN

Pork loin on bone BBQ
#11 Pork loin on bone BBQ
price for 300-350g
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15.00 BYN

Pork neck BBQ
#12 Pork neck BBQ
price for 300g
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16.50 BYN

Cheese BBQ in lavash
#13 Cheese BBQ in lavash
price for 300g
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13.80 BYN

Chicken thighs BBQ
#14 Chicken thighs BBQ
price for 300g
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12.30 BYN

BBQ set Gourmet
#16 BBQ set Gourmet
1300g, pork neck BBQ (400g), lula kebab (300g), village potato (300g), sauce Vardiv (50g), sauce Piquant (50g), lavash (170g), greens
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41.20 BYN

BBQ set Chicken
#17 BBQ set Chicken
1300g, chicken thigh BBQ (400g), lula kebab (300g), chicken wings BBQ (300g), sauce Vardiv (50g), sauce Piquant (50g), lavash (170g), greens
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33.50 BYN

BBQ set Woman
#18 BBQ set Woman
1330g, cheese BBQ (300g), grilled vegetables (300g), grilled champignons (200g), sauce Vardiv (50g), sauce Piquant (50g), Salmon steak (400g), greens
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59.00 BYN

Bread Polessian
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0.05 BYN

Grilled Dishes
Grilled Mackerel
#19 Grilled Mackerel
price for 200g
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6.50 BYN

Pork steak
#20 Pork steak
150/150g, pork neck
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9.50 BYN

Salmon steak
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19.35 BYN

Hot Dishes
Pork with mushrooms
#22 Pork with mushrooms
120g, pork, champignons, cheese, garlic, mayonnaise, onion, spices
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7.00 BYN

Pork Potayonniy karmashek
#24 Pork Potayonniy karmashek
120g, pork, butter, greens, ham, spices
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7.10 BYN

Pork shank with sauce
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17.00 BYN

Chicken rolls with spinach
#28 Chicken rolls with spinach
140g, chick fillet, spinach, cheese Feta
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8.80 BYN

Fillet in shock
#29 Fillet in shock
150g, chicken fillet, bell pepper, walnut, sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic, spices
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8.00 BYN

Medals Nezhnye
#30 Medals Nezhnye
140g, chick fillet, cheese, mayonnaise, tomatoes, spices
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7.30 BYN

Baked poultry Temptation
#31 Baked poultry Temptation
170g, chick fillet, cheese, canned pineapple, mayonnaise, spices
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7.15 BYN

Village potato
#32 Village potato
150/60g, potato, cucumber, marinated cabbage
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2.00 BYN

French fries with garnish
#33 French fries with garnish
100/60g, french fries, cucumber, marinated cabbage
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3.50 BYN

Cauliflower in breading
#34 Cauliflower in breading
150g, cauliflower, garlic, crumbs, spices
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4.40 BYN

Sauce Vardiv
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0.65 BYN

Sauce Piquant
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0.70 BYN

Marinated onion
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0.69 BYN

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0.50 BYN

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1.70 BYN

Juice Rich
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5.00 BYN

Coca Cola
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2.00 BYN

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2.00 BYN

#45 Fanta
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2.00 BYN

#46 Burn
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3.30 BYN

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1.50 BYN

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27 Jan 2018
27 Jan 2018
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