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24 May 2017 Next

IT weekends in Minsk


On May 19, at Belarusian State University was held the final of the international StartUp competition “Biz Tech BSU StartUp Contest”, where talented young people presented their unique projects and proved their need for our society. Delivery service was a partner of the event, providing for the lunch of participants 50 big pizzas from “Sbarro”.

“Being a company, that has achieved success in the IT field, we realize the importance of Startups support and strive to contribute to their development and promotion”, said director of Anush Nersisyan.




And on May 20-21 participated in the “V Minsk Open Robotoutnament” and provided delicious sandwiches from “SUB’s” for the participants. This fantastic futuristic gathering was attended by 450 children from 8 to 18 years old, incomprehensible robots of different sizes and purposes were demonstrated, competitions were held in previously unknown categories and trajectories.

“Children grow up confident creative personalities, are not afraid to challenge complications, easily overcoming them, when they feel support in the most unusual beginnings. Events of this scale and format are important for the rapid development of new technologies in our country”, added Anush Nersisyan, director of

24 May 2017 Next
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