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Prev. 10 Dec 2018

New Year Promotion



Once a year, in December, a few weeks before the New Year couriers transformed into Santa's helpers. At this time they deliver to you not only delicious food and joy, but also letters to's Santa with your New Year wishes!
Dream at any age is not bad, so let's go!

  • Write the letter that you would like to get as a gift for the New Year. You can write why you'd like to get just that. Everything from pizza for free every day to the year-round summer (not sure that the second we can do, but we will try).
  • At a time when the courier bring you order, give him a letter (even if it is written on a napkin or office stickers; the main thing - Write your name and phone number).
  • Sit down On December 27 near the Christmas tree and wait for a call from our Santa (Check if the chimney is clogged with snow, just in case).
  • Our Santa will fulfill some Christmas wishes . And if you have behaved well in 2018, then you have chance to be one of the lucky people!

We are looking forward to your letters! All the peace, joy and Olivier! Ho-ho-ho!

Prev. 10 Dec 2018
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