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Ammy Yummy.SetsSet N1Set N2Set N3Set N4Set N5 BBQ, Grill, Kebab
Ammy Yummy

BBQ, Grill, Kebab
Working hours
11:00 - 21:00
11:00 - 22:00
Delivery Fee 3.00BYN

Ammy Yummy

Set N1
#100 Set N1
1150g, pork hock (350g), chicken fillet (350g), cheese Suluguni (250g), sauce (100g), lavash (1pc, 100g)
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35.00 BYN

Set N2
#101 Set N2
1500g, pork hock (350g), chicken thighs (350g), chicken wings (400g), champignons (200g), lavash (2pcs, 200g)
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39.00 BYN

Set N3
#102 Set N3
1800g, pork ribs (400g), chicken fillet (400g), chicken thighs (400g), cheese Suluguni (150g), champignons (150g), lavash (3pcs, 300g)
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55.00 BYN

Set N4
#103 Set N4
2200g, pork hock (600g), pork ribs (600g), chicken wings (600g), lavash (4pcs, 400g)
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64.00 BYN

Set N5
#104 Set N5
1900g, vegetables (600g), cheese Suluguni (500g), champignons (500g), lavash (3pcs, 300g)
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48.00 BYN

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