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Dessert, Pastry
10:00 - 22:00
Delivery Fee 2.00BYN


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4.10 BYN

Cake Pops
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4.50 BYN

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2.50 BYN

Honey cake
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6.50 BYN

Cake Caprese
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8.80 BYN

Cake Chocolate
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9.50 BYN

Eclair Vanilla
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3.90 BYN

Eclair Chocolate
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3.90 BYN

Roll Nut
#19 Roll Nut
110g or 340g
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7.00 BYN

Roll with black currant cream
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7.40 BYN

Roll Pistachio
#21 Roll Pistachio
105g or 420g
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9.80 BYN

Wafer roll
#29 Wafer roll
30g or 90g
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2.90 BYN

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