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One-day course PROBAR
#1 One-day course PROBAR
Topics of course: 1. Bartender career, 2. Secrets of success; 3. Development of your own brand in social networks; 4. Career growth; 5. Life experience of bartenders 6. Participation in competitions 7. Unusual situations at work in a bar 8. Own bar 9. Examples of opportunities for development in the profession; 10. Networking with the participants of the master class
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45.00 BYN

One-day course Bar amateur
#2 One-day course Bar amateur
Topics of course: 1. Popular world cocktails and mixed drinks; 2. Own bar at home; 3. Tinctures and liqueurs; 4. Express guide to alcoholic beverages; 5. Types of bar equipment and dishes; 6. Related components and accessories in the bar; 7. Optimal formulas and recipes for treating your guests with mixed drinks; 8. Summer and winter cocktails; 9. Tastings. 10. Practice making mixed drinks.
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120.00 BYN

One-day course Whiskey evening
#3 One-day course Whiskey evening
Topics of course 1. The history of whiskey; 2. The main regions where Scotch whiskey is produced. Brands; 3. Features of malt whiskey; 4. Irish whiskey. Its main differences; 5. Features and traditions of whiskey from North America; 6. Made in Japan. What is the secret of success; 7. Whiskey from other countries of the world; 8. Tasting of famous producers from the most popular countries; 9. Choice of whiskey for home and bar. Gastronomic combinations; 10. Whiskey-based mixed drinks.
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120.00 BYN

One-day course Wine evening
#4 One-day course Wine evening
Topics of course: 1. Features of wine production; 2. Wine tasting. Popular gastronomic combinations. 3. Wines of the old and new world; 4. Decantation is a correct and interesting way of serving; 5. Fortified wines and their characteristics; 6. Regions and popular grape varieties; 7. Sparkling wine or champagne. We explain the difference and provide examples; 8. Cocktails with sparkling wines. 9. Storage of wines. Serving equipment and dishes; 10. Mixed drinks based on still wines
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120.00 BYN

One-day course Coffee amateur
#5 One-day course Coffee amateur
Topics of course: 1. The history of coffee. 2. The main varieties of coffee and their differences; 3. Popular coffee drinks and the nuances in their preparation 4. Coffee inventory and coffee equipment 5. Options for the combination of coffee drinks. Syrups for coffee and cocktails; 6. Preparation of the correct milk for a cappuccino 7. Combination of coffee and alcoholic beverages 8. Formula of perfect espresso 9. Alternative ways of brewing coffee 10. Opening your own coffee shop
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75.00 BYN

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