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Bufet.Salads and appetizersBeef tartare with capers, new potato and croutonsSalad Caesar Cardini with chick fillet, poached egg and crispy baconSalad with tiger shrimps and mintBeer appetizerWine appetizerHot dishesBeef burger with double cheese and french friesGrand chicken burger with crispy bacon and french friesSea Loach with shrimps, mussels and Genoese pestoScandinavian Salmon with spinach and spicy cream sauceDuck leg Konfi with mashed potato and cranberry sauceCzech sandwichesSandwiches with stewed tomatoes and MozarellaDessertsCake Paris BrestDrinksPepsi European, Burger and Sandwich

European, Burger and Sandwich
12:00 - 12:10
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