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Craft Grill

Burger and Sandwich
Working hours
09:00 - 21:00
10:00 - 21:00
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Craft Grill

Balkan double burger
#1 Balkan double burger
588g, double beef and pork cutlet with spices, sauce wirg smoked cheese, tomato, cucumber, served in crispy caramelized pita
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30.00 BYN

Burger stick
#2 Burger stick
450g, beef and pork sausage, spices, cheese cream, red onion, served in a crispy pita
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15.00 BYN

Fillet steak chicken
#3 Fillet steak chicken
430g, marinated chicken fillet, grilled with spices, red caramelized onion, bell pepper, served in warm caramelized pita
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17.00 BYN

Fillet steak pork
#4 Fillet steak pork
430g, marinated pork steak grilled with red onion, bell pepper. Served in a warm caramelized pita
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17.00 BYN

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5.70 BYN

Apple strudel
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5.90 BYN

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