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Family Club.PizzaPizza MargaritaPizza Crema di FungiPizza ProshuttoPizza Panna di MonzaPizza CaesarPizza FamilyPizza Polo PestoPizza BBQPizza Four CheesePizza PepperoniVillage pizza Italian, Pizza
Family Club

Italian, Pizza
Working hours
11:00 - 22:00
Delivery Fee 2.00BYN

Family Club

Pizza Margarita
#1 Pizza Margarita
370g or 610g, pizza, cheese Mozarella, tomatoes, sauce Pesto, rosmary oil
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10.00 BYN

Pizza Crema di Fungi
#4 Pizza Crema di Fungi
460g or 750g, cheese Mozarella champignons, cream, bacon, pork, matinated onion and rosemary oil
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14.80 BYN

Pizza Proshutto
#5 Pizza Proshutto
490g or 780g, cheese Mozarella, tomatoes, ham, champignons, size on your choice
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15.00 BYN

Pizza Panna di Monza
#7 Pizza Panna di Monza
490g or 810g, cheese Mozarella, beef, ham, cream, bell pepper, cheese sauce with garlic, rosmary oil 
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17.50 BYN

Pizza Caesar
#8 Pizza Caesar
550g or 830g,  cheese Mozarella, tomatoes, salad, shrimps, chicken fillet, Parmesan, black olives, sauce Caesar, rosmary oil 
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16.40 BYN

Pizza Family
#9 Pizza Family
500g or 780g, cheese Mozarella, champingones, ham, Salami, bacon, pickled cucumbers, rosmary oil
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16.40 BYN

Pizza Polo Pesto
#10 Pizza Polo Pesto
470g or 770g, cheese Mozarella, chicken, tomatoes, bacon, olives and sauce Pesto
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15.20 BYN

Pizza BBQ
#19 Pizza BBQ
460g or 730g, cheese Mozarella, chicken fillet, bacon, champingones, caramel onion, sauce BBQ, rosmary oil 
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16.00 BYN

Pizza Four Cheese
#20 Pizza Four Cheese
415g or 630g, Mozarella. Parmesan, Dor Blue, Cheddar, cream, rosmary oil
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15.60 BYN

Pizza Pepperoni
#21 Pizza Pepperoni
410g or 670g, cheese Mozarella, Pepperoni, lecho, cayenne pepper, rosmary oil
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14.80 BYN

Village pizza
#22 Village pizza
550g or 835g, cheese Mozarella, pork, champingones, tomatoes, onion, salad, sauce Big Tasty, rosmary oil
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16.50 BYN

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12 Sep 2018
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