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KFC.Special OfferCombo 3Combo 5Combo 6BasketsBasket LBasket MBasket OriginalBasket duet (since 11:00)Basket SStar basket (since 11:00)Sanders basket (available from 11:00)BurgersChefburger De LuxChefburger De Lux spicyCheeseburger De LuxCheeseburgerLonger cheeseI-Twister Spicy chefburgerChefburgerChicken 9 wings spicy9 stripsBites big4 legs (from 11:00)6 strips6 wings spicy3 legs (from 11:00)Bites middle3 strips2 legs (from 11:00) 3 wings spicyBites smallDrinksDrink 0.8lCoca ColaSpriteFantaFuzeTeaJuice RichBonaquaCoffee Americano 0.2lMilkshake Forest strawberry 0.4lMilkshake Tender Vanilla 0.4lMilkshake Chocolate-nut 0.4lMilkshake Tender Vanilla 0.25lMilkshake Forest strawberry 0.25lMilkshake Chocolate-nut 0.25lSnacksBasket friVillage potatoFrench fries standartFrench fried smallPotato hashbrownSaucesCheese sauceTomato ketchupSour and sweet sauceGarlic sauceSauce TeriyakeSauce BBQDessertsDonut Apple cinnamonStrawberry donutChocolate pie Strawberry cream cheese American, Burger and Sandwich, Discounts

American, Burger and Sandwich, Discounts
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Special Offer
Combo 3
#503 Combo 3
2 Cheeseburgers de lux, 2 village potatoes, 2 sauces, 6 strips (spicy or original), 2 sparkling drinks 0.5l
24.70 BYN

Combo 5
#505 Combo 5
2 Sanders Baskets, 2 french fries standatd, 2 sauces, 2 sparkling drinks 0.5l
22.30 BYN

Combo 6
#506 Combo 6
2 Baskets M, 4 sauces, 2 sparkling drinks, Basket fri
39.10 BYN

Basket L
#5 Basket L
30 wings
23.30 BYN

Basket M
#7 Basket M
22 wings
19.50 BYN

Basket Original
#8 Basket Original
2 legs, 8 strips, 2 french fries (60g)
15.40 BYN

Basket duet (since 11:00)
#9 Basket duet (since 11:00)
106/108/112/135g, zest on your choice, 2 legs, 4 chicken wings, 4 strips, french fries 60g
15.40 BYN

Basket S
#11 Basket S
14 wings
14.70 BYN

Star basket (since 11:00)
#13 Star basket (since 11:00)
1 leg, 2 spicy chicken wings, 1 strips original, 4 bites, 1 french fries (small)
7.40 BYN

Sanders basket (available from 11:00)
#14 Sanders basket (available from 11:00)
1 leg, 2 spicy wings, 2 strips, 6 bites
6.50 BYN

Chefburger De Lux
#34 Chefburger De Lux
182g, strips, tomato, lettuce Iceberg, sauce Caesar, bun, slice of cheese, 2 slices of bacon
4.80 BYN

Chefburger De Lux spicy
#35 Chefburger De Lux spicy
175g, spicy strips, lettuce Iceberg, pickled cucumbers, onion, brand sauce Burger, bun with sesame, two slices of cheese, two slices of bacon
4.80 BYN

Cheeseburger De Lux
#36 Cheeseburger De Lux
234g, bun Sunny, chicken fillet original, pickled cucumbers, onion, tomatoes, Iceberg, cheese, ketchup, mustard sauce
4.10 BYN

#39 Cheeseburger
177g, bun Sunny, 2 chicken fillet strips original, pickled cucumbers, cheese, ketchup, onion, mustard sauce
2.95 BYN

Longer cheese
#41 Longer cheese
106g, bun,  strips, cheese, mustard sauce, onion, pickled cucumbers, ketchup
2.00 BYN

#42 I-Twister
103g, cheese tortilla, bites, cheese sauce, Iceberg, tomatoes
2.00 BYN

Spicy chefburger
#37 Spicy chefburger
173g, bun with sesame, chicken fillet spicy, sauce Burger, Iceberg, pickled cucumbers, onion
3.80 BYN

#38 Chefburger
176g, bun with sesame, chicken fillet original, sauce Caesar original, tomatoes, Iceberg
3.80 BYN

9 wings spicy
9.50 BYN

9 strips
#46 9 strips
9/28g, zest on your choice
9.50 BYN

Bites big
7.90 BYN

4 legs (from 11:00)
7.50 BYN

6 strips
#49 6 strips
6/28g, zest on your choice
7.20 BYN

6 wings spicy
6.80 BYN

3 legs (from 11:00)
5.70 BYN

Bites middle
4.50 BYN

3 strips
#54 3 strips
3/28g, zest on your choice
4.50 BYN

3 wings spicy
3.80 BYN

Bites small
3.40 BYN

Drink 0.8l
3.10 BYN

Coca Cola
2.50 BYN

2.50 BYN

#74 Fanta
2.50 BYN

2.30 BYN

Juice Rich
#77 Juice Rich
0.3l, flavor on your choice
2.30 BYN

#78 Bonaqua
0.5l, still or carbonated on your choice
1.60 BYN

Basket fri
4.60 BYN

Village potato
2.95 BYN

Potato hashbrown
1.80 BYN

Cheese sauce
0.70 BYN

Tomato ketchup
0.70 BYN

Garlic sauce
0.70 BYN

Sauce Teriyake
0.70 BYN

Sauce BBQ
0.70 BYN

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10 Aug 2020
Vladislav K.
09 Aug 2020
09 Aug 2020
Будай А.
08 Aug 2020
08 Aug 2020
заказывал соус томатный привезли сырный
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