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Khmelnaya Zastava.Cold AppetizersFish platterCheese platterHam rollsStuffed eggplants with cheese and nutsVegetable platterMarinated vegetables platterVodka AppertizersAppetizer set with cheeseAppetizer with Herring and onionOfficer appetizerVillage appetizerSalo assortmentHerring for vodkaSaladsSalad KobbSalad with baked bell pepperSalad KontrabandistEnglish salad with chickSalad ZastavaSalad with earsGreek saladSalad TamojnyaSalad RazvedchikBeer AppetizersBeer platterBeer boxSpicy tails with baconBorodinskie toastsBread appetizerBombs of crispy PhiladelphiaVDV WingsFried Onion ringsFried squid ringsSoupsVegetable cream soupBelarusian borsh with toasts and lardSoup SolyankaPansPan Belarusian machankaBeef panPan with veal and adjikaRoast with earsPanPan with pork and mushrooms in creamy sauceFried potato with champignons and onionDranikiPanskiy dranikDraniki po-zastavskiVillage dranikiDraniki with egg and fried baconHomemade Draniki with MachankaKoldyni with meatKoldyni with mushroomsPlyatsekHot DishesVillage meatReshtyBrisket with pocketGrilled pork collar buttPo-zastavski meatBaked pork with vegetablesFried brisket with garnishHam hockTongue with sour cream sauceChick fillet with cheese in baconChicken BBQ with bacon on skewerPolish white fishRed fish with spinachFried brisket with pancakes and eggsPancakes FlorenceBeef steak on an open fireMini golubtsy on panBaked champignons with cheeseChampignons in bacon stuffed with hamBreadGrilled flatbread with suluguniGrilled flatbread with brynza, tomato and greensGarlic bunItalian bread ChiabattaSaucesSauce CaesarCheese sauceSauce TartarSauce BBQDessertsCake NapoleonEnvelopes with apples and cinnamonFruit platterSoft DrinksAqua MineralePepsiMirinda7UPJuice Villa DiniMineral Water Minskaya 4Mors cranberry Sochny Belarusian, European, BBQ, Grill, Kebab, Beer House and Pub, Draniki, Pancake
Khmelnaya Zastava

Belarusian, European, BBQ, Grill, Kebab, Beer House and Pub, Draniki, Pancake
Working hours
12:00 - 22:00
Delivery fee from 4.00 BYN

Khmelnaya Zastava

Cold Appetizers
Fish platter
#1 Fish platter
270/35g, light salted red fish fillet, cold smoked Mackerel, light salted Herring fillet, lemon
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19.80 BYN

Cheese platter
#2 Cheese platter
200/160/30/20g, Parmesan, sychuzny, suluguni, Feta, cheese balls in sesame breading, cheese balls with garlic and olive in walnuts, cheese balls with greens, celery and pickled mushrooms, honey, walnuts
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18.60 BYN

Ham rolls
#3 Ham rolls
250/20/20g, ham, egg, cheese, garlic, mayonnaise, greens
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8.90 BYN

Stuffed eggplants with cheese and nuts
#4 Stuffed eggplants with cheese and nuts
165/5/10/3g, eggplants, garlic, mayonnaise, cheese, nuts, greens
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6.90 BYN

Vegetable platter
#5 Vegetable platter
250/10g, pepper, cucumber, tomato, celery, green onion, greens
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5.90 BYN

Marinated vegetables platter
#6 Marinated vegetables platter
400/5g, marinated tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, sauerkraft, spicy carrot, salad
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7.90 BYN

Vodka Appertizers
Appetizer set with cheese
#25 Appetizer set with cheese
310/30g, zucchini rolls, eggplant rolls, ham rolls, tomato with cheese and garlic
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9.90 BYN

Appetizer with Herring and onion
#26 Appetizer with Herring and onion
150/100g, minced Herring fillet with onion and sour cream, white bread toasts
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6.60 BYN

Officer appetizer
#27 Officer appetizer
505/130/55g, toasts with lard, toasts with Herring, pickled cucumbers in smoked brisket, marinated honey fungus, sauercraut, marinated pepper, greens
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14.90 BYN

Village appetizer
#28 Village appetizer
400/50/5g, smoked ham, smoked shpik, homemade raw-dried-cured sausage, sauerkraut, pickled cucumber, horseradish, greens
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18.30 BYN

Salo assortment
#29 Salo assortment
150/150//15g, smoked salo, salted salo, salted brisket, sauercrauft, pickled cucumber, horseradish
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8.90 BYN

Herring for vodka
#30 Herring for vodka
100/150/2g, Herring, potato, onion, greens
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5.50 BYN

Salad Kobb
#45 Salad Kobb
300/30g, fresh tomatoes, fried chick fillet, boiled egg, syzhuzhnuy cheese, celery, fried smoked bacon, fresh cucumber and lettuce, dressing with olive il and dijon mustard seeds
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9.90 BYN

Salad with baked bell pepper
#46 Salad with baked bell pepper
250/20g, light salad with brynza in Provence herbs, fresh tomatoes, baked bell pepper, dressing with lemon juice and olive oil
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10.50 BYN

Salad Kontrabandist
#47 Salad Kontrabandist
240/7g, beef, ham, cucumber, fresh tomato, pickled onion, mayonnaise, greens
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7.60 BYN

English salad with chick
#48 English salad with chick
250/5g, chick, fried mushrooms, celery, pickled cucumber, apples, tomato, mustard-mayonnaise sauce
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6.30 BYN

Salad Zastava
#49 Salad Zastava
160/6g, boiled chick, cucumber, french plum, walnut, cheese shell, sour cream and mustard dressing
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5.90 BYN

Salad with ears
#50 Salad with ears
275/5g, crispy ears, marinated cucumber, onion, lemon dressing, garlic
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5.70 BYN

Greek salad
#51 Greek salad
280/10g, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, cheese Feta, red onion, black olives, dressing
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8.20 BYN

Salad Tamojnya
#52 Salad Tamojnya
240/5g, boiled chick, mushrooms, onion, cheese, fresh pepper, mayonnaise, ketchup, greens
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6.20 BYN

Salad Razvedchik
#53 Salad Razvedchik
360/30/30g, smoked chicken, wheat croutons, beijing cabbage, tomato, cheese, black olives, soy sauce, mayonnaise, lemon
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9.20 BYN

Beer Appetizers
Beer platter
#70 Beer platter
380/100g, chicken nuggets, deep fried mushrooms, potato wedges, cheese balls, toasts
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10.20 BYN

Beer box
#71 Beer box
360/130/120/50/50g, chicken wings, squid, onion rings, Tartare sauce, ketchup
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18.50 BYN

Spicy tails with bacon
#72 Spicy tails with bacon
250g, spicy tails with paff pastry with bacon, cheese and pepper Jalapeno
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8.40 BYN

Borodinskie toasts
#73 Borodinskie toasts
150/50/50g, rye toasts, cheese sauce. garlic sauce
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4.90 BYN

Bread appetizer
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8.20 BYN

Bombs of crispy Philadelphia
#75 Bombs of crispy Philadelphia
170g. cheese Philadelphia, fried in breading
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8.00 BYN

VDV Wings
#76 VDV Wings
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8.80 BYN

Fried Onion rings
#77 Fried Onion rings
150/30/30g, onion rings, greens, mayonnaise, ketchup
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7.70 BYN

Fried squid rings
#78 Fried squid rings
230/50g, squid, Tartare sauce
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8.50 BYN

Vegetable cream soup
#90 Vegetable cream soup
300g, light soup with vegetables, Provence herbs
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2.70 BYN

Belarusian borsh with toasts and lard
#91 Belarusian borsh with toasts and lard
300/30/50/20g, belarusian borsh, beef, smoked meat, sour cream, toasts, lard
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6.30 BYN

Soup Solyanka
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5.90 BYN

Pan Belarusian machanka
#110 Pan Belarusian machanka
610/5g, creamy machanka with pork sausages, ribs, porcini mushrooms, pancake
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16.70 BYN

Beef pan
#111 Beef pan
530/5g, veal, beef tongue, potato, green beans, peas, mustard-cheese sauce
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18.90 BYN

Pan with veal and adjika
#112 Pan with veal and adjika
480/30g, spicy veal, potato, green beans, homemade adjika
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19.70 BYN

Roast with ears
#113 Roast with ears
420/20/4g, crispy boiled ears, fried mushrooms, potato in creams with horseradish, cranberries, jalapenos
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10.90 BYN

#114 Pan
410-460g, potato, onion, egg
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9.50 BYN

Pan with pork and mushrooms in creamy sauce
#115 Pan with pork and mushrooms in creamy sauce
340/30g, fried potato, pork, onions, mushrooms on cream sauce
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13.90 BYN

Fried potato with champignons and onion
#116 Fried potato with champignons and onion
300/5g, potato, fried onions and mushrooms, greens
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5.90 BYN

Panskiy dranik
#130 Panskiy dranik
470/30g, big potato dranik with fried homemade sausage, pork ribs, mushrooms with onion, sour cream, tomato
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9.90 BYN

Draniki po-zastavski
#131 Draniki po-zastavski
300/10g, brisket, mushrooms with onion, chicken fillet, cream sauce
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10.50 BYN

Village draniki
#132 Village draniki
350/10g, fried smoked-boiled brisket, curd cheese
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8.50 BYN

Draniki with egg and fried bacon
#133 Draniki with egg and fried bacon
440/5g, draniki, egg, bacon, oninon fri 
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9.20 BYN

Homemade Draniki with Machanka
#134 Homemade Draniki with Machanka
300/250/100/2g, draniki, machanka, beef, mushrooms
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12.90 BYN

Koldyni with meat
#135 Koldyni with meat
210/60/100g, potato, meat, onion, brisket, cream sauce
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9.00 BYN

Koldyni with mushrooms
#136 Koldyni with mushrooms
210/60/100g, potato, meat, mushrooms, onion, cream sauce
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8.30 BYN

#137 Plyatsek
350/10/80/2g, potato, pork, cheese, greens, sour cream, mayonnaise
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8.50 BYN

Hot Dishes
Village meat
#145 Village meat
150/50/150/50/10g, baked pork fillet, creamy mustard sauce, potato puree, sauercraut
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13.50 BYN

#146 Reshty
350/50g, potato pancakes with pork goulash in sauce, sour cream
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9.90 BYN

Brisket with pocket
#147 Brisket with pocket
200/150/50/5g, pork brisket on bone with pocket, onion, mushrooms, ham, cheese, potato wedges, fried champignons
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16.10 BYN

Po-zastavski meat
#149 Po-zastavski meat
330/10/2g, backed pork, smoked meat products, cheese, mayonnaise
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14.90 BYN

Baked pork with vegetables
#150 Baked pork with vegetables
350/200/100g, pork, eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomatoes, potatoes, sauerkraut
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14.60 BYN

Fried brisket with garnish
#151 Fried brisket with garnish
150/150/100/100/5g, fried brisket, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, beet
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8.40 BYN

Ham hock
#152 Ham hock
price for 1kg
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31.00 BYN

Tongue with sour cream sauce
#153 Tongue with sour cream sauce
100/150/2g, beef tongue, garlic, sour cream, greens
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9.90 BYN

Chick fillet with cheese in bacon
#154 Chick fillet with cheese in bacon
270/150/50/60g, chicken fillet stuffed with cheese in smoked brisket under cream sauce with horseradish, cranberries, jalapenos, potato wedges, sauercraut
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15.60 BYN

Chicken BBQ with bacon on skewer
#155 Chicken BBQ with bacon on skewer
190/10g, chicken, sauce BBQ smoked bacon
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8.90 BYN

Polish white fish
#156 Polish white fish
130/200/50/5g, white fish fillet, potato puree, Polish sauce, greens
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10.90 BYN

Red fish with spinach
#157 Red fish with spinach
100/150/150/5g, red fish fillet, spinach, cream sauce, potato puree, greens
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22.20 BYN

Fried brisket with pancakes and eggs
#158 Fried brisket with pancakes and eggs
400/5g, homemade pancakes with fried eggs and fried brisket
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7.40 BYN

Pancakes Florence
#159 Pancakes Florence
340/5g, pancakes rools, ham, cheese, Beshamel sauce
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6.10 BYN

Beef steak on an open fire
#160 Beef steak on an open fire
150g, beef, spices, greens
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16.90 BYN

Mini golubtsy on pan
#161 Mini golubtsy on pan
350/2g, classic golubtsy with pork, rice, vegetables, egg, cabbage leaves, homemade adjika, greens
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9.30 BYN

Baked champignons with cheese
#162 Baked champignons with cheese
300/5g, сhampignons, cheese suluguni, mayonnaise, soy sauce, greens
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7.50 BYN

Champignons in bacon stuffed with ham
#163 Champignons in bacon stuffed with ham
160/2g, mushrooms, cheese, ham, onion, bacon
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5.90 BYN

Sauce Caesar
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2.00 BYN

Cheese sauce
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2.00 BYN

Sauce Tartar
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2.00 BYN

Sauce BBQ
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2.00 BYN

Cake Napoleon
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3.20 BYN

Fruit platter
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10.00 BYN

Soft Drinks
Aqua Minerale
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1.80 BYN

#266 Pepsi
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2.00 BYN

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2.00 BYN

#268 7UP
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2.00 BYN

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