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Muffin.Valentines DayLove setBreakfast 9:00-12:00Syrniki with sour creamOmelette with baconOmelette with mushroomsOmelette with vegetablesFried eggs with brisketCroissant with salmon adn greensCroissant with baconCold AppetizersSalad Caesar with chickGreek saladSalad Caesar with shrimpsRoastbeef saladCheese platterSalad with baked eggplants and broccoliBeef tartare with french fries adnd mixed saladWarm salad with beef and porchini mushroomsSoupsBean soup with beefSoup RomanSoup SeaPasta and risottoPasta CarbonaraPasta with SalmonPasta with vegetablesPasta with shrimps and porchini mushroomsRisotto with seafoodRisotto with porchini mushroomsHot DishesSalmon fillet with broccoliBeef steak with pepper sauceCrispy chick with vegetable spaghettiDuck leg confit with potatoBeef cheeks steamed with shiitake mushrooms and cream bulgurChick WOK with vegetablesBeef WOK with vegetablesDessertsDessert HoneyNapoleonDessert Chocolate cherryDessert CarrotTart with peachCheesecake with blueberryEclair ClassicTiramisuSalted caramelChocolate fondanBanoffiLavander dessertDessert Mary Italian, French, Breakfast, Pasta, Dessert

Italian, French, Breakfast, Pasta, Dessert
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Valentines Day
Love set
#300 Love set
1/800g, napoleon, honey cake, chocolate cake, lavender cake
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35.00 BYN

Breakfast 9:00-12:00
Syrniki with sour cream
#1 Syrniki with sour cream
185g, cottage cheese pancakes, strawberry cooli
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8.00 BYN

Omelette with bacon
#2 Omelette with bacon
280g, omlette, brisket, onion, red pepper coolie
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8.00 BYN

Omelette with mushrooms
#3 Omelette with mushrooms
280g, omelette, champignons, onion, mushroom sauce
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8.00 BYN

Omelette with vegetables
#4 Omelette with vegetables
280g, omelette, zucchini, bell pepper, onion
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8.00 BYN

Fried eggs with brisket
#5 Fried eggs with brisket
220g, chicken eggs, brisket, tomatoes, bell pepper, dill
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8.00 BYN

Cold Appetizers
Salad Caesar with chick
#11 Salad Caesar with chick
300g, chick, Romen, sauce, Cherry, quial egg, cheese
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14.00 BYN

Greek salad
#12 Greek salad
265g, cucumber, Cherry, bell pepper, olives, cheese, lettuce mix, dressing
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12.00 BYN

Salad Caesar with shrimps
#13 Salad Caesar with shrimps
300g, shrimps, Romen, sauce, Cherry, quial egg, cheese
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17.00 BYN

Roastbeef salad
#15 Roastbeef salad
190g, cucumbers, tomato, bell pepper, beef, dressing, lettuce mix
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13.00 BYN

Cheese platter
#16 Cheese platter
340g, cheese Brie, Grano Podano, Gorgonzola, grape, walnuts
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19.00 BYN

Bean soup with beef
#21 Bean soup with beef
300g, beef broth, vegetable, beans, greens
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8.50 BYN

Soup Roman
#22 Soup Roman
300g, chick, cheese, vegetables, greens
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6.50 BYN

Soup Sea
#23 Soup Sea
260g, Salmon, mussels, tomato, greens, cream 33 percent
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9.50 BYN

Pasta and risotto
Pasta Carbonara
#30 Pasta Carbonara
170g, homemade pasta, bacon, cheese
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11.50 BYN

Pasta with Salmon
#32 Pasta with Salmon
170g, homemade pasta, Salmon, cheese
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15.00 BYN

Pasta with vegetables
#33 Pasta with vegetables
240g, homemade pasta, vegetables, cheese
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13.00 BYN

Risotto with seafood
#35 Risotto with seafood
300g, rice arborio, shrimps, mussels, squid, cheese, chicken broth
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17.00 BYN

Risotto with porchini mushrooms
#36 Risotto with porchini mushrooms
300g, rice arborio, porcini mushrooms, cheese, chick broth
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16.00 BYN

Hot Dishes
Salmon fillet with broccoli
#40 Salmon fillet with broccoli
250g, Salmon, broccoli, cheese sauce
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24.50 BYN

Beef steak with pepper sauce
#43 Beef steak with pepper sauce
320g, beef, potato, champignions, sauce
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23.50 BYN

Duck leg confit with potato
#45 Duck leg confit with potato
280g, duck confit, potato, mushroom sauce
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16.00 BYN

Chick WOK with vegetables
#47 Chick WOK with vegetables
280g, chick, vegetables, sauce
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16.00 BYN

Beef WOK with vegetables
#48 Beef WOK with vegetables
280g, beef, vegetables, sauce
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16.00 BYN

Dessert Honey
#50 Dessert Honey
price for 120g, honey biscuits, sour cream
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3.60 BYN

#51 Napoleon
price for 120g, puff dough, cream
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3.60 BYN

Dessert Chocolate cherry
#52 Dessert Chocolate cherry
price for 120g, choco biscuit, drunk cherry, choco ganash
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4.80 BYN

Dessert Carrot
#53 Dessert Carrot
price for 120g, carrot-almond biscuit, cream
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4.20 BYN

Tart with peach
#54 Tart with peach
price for 120g, sand dough,, cheese-curd cream, canned peach
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4.20 BYN

Cheesecake with blueberry
#55 Cheesecake with blueberry
price for 130g, choco sand dough, blueberry mousse, grape
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4.80 BYN

Eclair Classic
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2.50 BYN

#60 Tiramisu
price for 100g, savoyardi, cheese Mascarpone, cofee syrup, cognac
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3.50 BYN

Salted caramel
#65 Salted caramel
price for 110g, caramel biscuit, salted caramel, peanuts, ginger
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3.00 BYN

Chocolate fondan
#67 Chocolate fondan
price for 150g, chocolate fondan, vanilla ice cream
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7.00 BYN

#68 Banoffi
price for 120g
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4.00 BYN

Lavander dessert
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5.40 BYN

Dessert Mary
#70 Dessert Mary
price for 100g
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3.50 BYN

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