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Burger and Sandwich
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Burger Mexican man
#8 Burger Mexican man
390g, pork cutlet, cheese Cheddar, sauce Grill, corn ear, tomato, bacon, egg, lettuce
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11.00 BYN

Burger Drunk Katy
#9 Burger Drunk Katy
360g, beef cutlet, cheese Cheddar, sauce cranberry-pear, caramelized onion, pickled cucumber, sauce Blue Cheese with paprika, lettuce
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12.00 BYN

Burger Spicy Bob
#10 Burger Spicy Bob
360g, mix Billi, sauce Salsa, tomato, onion chips, sauce BBQ, lettuce
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11.00 BYN

Burger Patriot Bro
#11 Burger Patriot Bro
540g, pork cutlets, beef cutlet, cheese Cheddar, sauce 1000 islands, sauce honey-mustard, firm omelette, marinated onion, tomato, pickled cucumber, salad Cole Slow, lettuce
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14.00 BYN

Burger El Greko
#12 Burger El Greko
430g, cutlet with chickpeas with spinach, sauce Aioli, zucchini grill tomato, cottage cheese sauce, lettuce
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10.00 BYN

Burger Salvador
#13 Burger Salvador
410g, chicken cutlet, cheese Cheddar, sauce Aioli, oyster sauce, cheese sticks, champignons, pickled cucumber, lettuce
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11.00 BYN

#14 Garnish
french fries with sauce
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3.00 BYN

Pizza Pala
Pizza Pala with dried tomatoes and Mozarella
#22 Pizza Pala with dried tomatoes and Mozarella
510g, dough Pala, dried tomatoes, cheese Mozarella, sauce Pesto, black olives
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10.00 BYN

Pizza pala Binki
#23 Pizza pala Binki
450g, dough Pala, sauce Volcano, cheese Mozarella, Hochland, sauce Chili with ginger, minced meat Billi, pickled cucumber, greens, olive oil
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12.00 BYN

Pizza pala Tasty
#24 Pizza pala Tasty
510g, dough Pala, sauce BBQ, sauce grill, cheese Mozarella, brisket, caramel onion, lettuce, olive oil
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12.00 BYN

Pizza pala Cheeso
#25 Pizza pala Cheeso
470g, dough Pala, sauce Milana, cheese Mozarella, Hochland, cottage cheese cream, basil, oregano, olive oil
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12.50 BYN

Pizza pala Adreano
#27 Pizza pala Adreano
480g, tomato sauce, cheese Mozarella, basturma, sasuage Chorizo, pepper
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12.00 BYN

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16 Jun 2019
Плохо. За такие деньги могли бы свежие продукты использовать. Лучше в столовой мтз готовят, за 5 рублей комплексы.
02 Jun 2019
Пицца отвратная. Самое лучшее - "бургер эль греко" !☺️(потому что вегетарианское)
27 May 2019
Самый вкусный бургер эль-греко)
09 Apr 2019
Классный бургер! И херовая пицца!
12 Nov 2018
Сегодня красавчики, спасибо за наклейку) бургеры как обычно на высоте, а к картошечке лучше ваш чесночный соус, он просто огонь)
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