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Royal Art.CompositionsSweet composition ConciliationComposition Couple for agesHat Box You will understand everythingCage Summer gardenCake heart Choko BarokoComposition High SentimentsHatbox Life is wonderfulBox KinderUmbrella CosinessUmbrella Fairy MoodHatbox Endless HappinessEiffel Tower compositionComposition Hanging garden Flowers
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Royal Art

Sweet composition Conciliation
#6 Sweet composition Conciliation
toy bear Teddy (30cm), sweets Rafaello (25pc), hatbox (30cm x 20cm)
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120.00 BYN

Composition Couple for ages
#8 Composition Couple for ages
classic roses (3pc), sweets Ferrero Roshen (18pc), hatbox (45cm x 20cm)
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180.00 BYN

Hat Box You will understand everything
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159.00 BYN

Cage Summer garden
#10 Cage Summer garden
replica flowers, decorative cage
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65.00 BYN

Cake heart Choko Baroko
#11 Cake heart Choko Baroko
sweets Merci, teddy bears
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95.00 BYN

Composition High Sentiments
#12 Composition High Sentiments
replica roses or fresh roses on your choice
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80.00 BYN

Hatbox Life is wonderful
#13 Hatbox Life is wonderful
hatbox (45cm x 20cm), Italian sweets Sorrini
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95.00 BYN

Box Kinder
#14 Box Kinder
hatbox (45cm x 20cm), toy bear, sweets Kinder
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175.00 BYN

Umbrella Cosiness
#15 Umbrella Cosiness
umbrella 45cm, replica or fresh flowers on your choice
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88.00 BYN

Umbrella Fairy Mood
#16 Umbrella Fairy Mood
umbrella 35cm, replica or fresh flowers on your choice
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55.00 BYN

Hatbox Endless Happiness
#17 Hatbox Endless Happiness
gift with sweets LEE
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153.00 BYN

Eiffel Tower composition
#18 Eiffel Tower composition
hatbox (50cm x 20cm), italian sweets LEE
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220.00 BYN

Composition Hanging garden
#19 Composition Hanging garden
hanging basket, sweets Monblan
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58.00 BYN

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