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Italian, European, Burger and Sandwich, Pasta, Healthy food, Salad Bar
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Special Offer
Salad PrimaNew
#600 Salad Prima
390g, salad, chicken fillet, egg, caramelized carrot, cucumber, Asian sauce
8.20 BYN

Pasta ZanaNew
#601 Pasta Zana
460g, pasta, chicken fillet, baked cauliflower, caramelized carrot, Asian sauce
8.20 BYN

Salad Promo
#602 Salad Promo
340g, lettuce, chicken fillet, quinoa, baked vegetables, ruccola
8.20 BYN

Hummus Carrot
#200 Hummus Carrot
230g, chickpea, tahini, garlic, candy carot, zira, lemon fresh, sumac, paprika, sugar, salt, olive oil
7.90 BYN

Hummus bowl Vegan
#201 Hummus bowl Vegan
430g, chickpea, tahini, garlic, candy carrot, zira, sumac, paprika, lemon fresh, salt, sugar, olive oil, mushroom mix, baked cauliflower, ruccola
10.90 BYN

Salad Caesar
#2 Salad Caesar
400g, lettuce, chicken fillet, cheese Parmesan, tomatoes, chicken egg, croutons, garlic-nut sauce
9.20 BYN

Salad Caesar deluxe
#3 Salad Caesar deluxe
490g, lettuce, tomato, chicken fillet, pineapple, egg, cheese Parmesan, bacon, croutons, garlic and nut sauce
12.90 BYN

Salad Dijon
#4 Salad Dijon
290g, lettuce, mushroom mix, bacon, egg, spinach, sauce Dijon
9.20 BYN

Salad Dijon deluxe
#5 Salad Dijon deluxe
470g, lettuce, chicken fillet, mushroom mix, bacon, egg, spinach, tomatoes, sauce Dijon
12.90 BYN

Salad Greek
#6 Salad Greek
420g, lettuce, cucumbers. bell pepper, tomato, black olives, cheese Feta, olive oil
10.90 BYN

Salad Nice
#7 Salad Nice
350g, lettuce, Tuna, egg, aspargus, cucumbers, sauce Dijon
9.90 BYN

Salad Simple
#9 Salad Simple
440g, quinoa, Tofu, aspargus, candy carrot, spinach, Asian sauce
10.90 BYN

Salad Falafel
#10 Salad Falafel
480g, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cheese Parmesan, falafel, sauce garlic and nut
10.90 BYN

Salad Dimenta deluxe
#11 Salad Dimenta deluxe
320g, lettuce, tomato, cured meat, black olives, cheese Mozarella, ruccola, cucumbers cream sauce
13.20 BYN

Salad Marino
#12 Salad Marino
420g, lettuce, grilled vegetables, mussels, Tuna, ruccola, cheese Feta, cucumber-cream sauce
13.90 BYN

Salad Ocean
#13 Salad Ocean
440g, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, Salmon, cream cheese, egg, lemon-honey sauce
13.90 BYN

Salad Brize
#14 Salad Brize
390g, lettuce, cucumbers, bell pepper, mussels, shrimps, ruccola, sauce with flying fish caviar
15.90 BYN

Salad Healthy Fish
#16 Salad Healthy Fish
420g, quinoa, baked Salmon, tomatoes cherry, raisins, ruccola, spinach
16.90 BYN

Salad Tun
#17 Salad Tun
330g, lettuce, cured meat, Mozarella cheese, cucumber, black olives, ruccola
13.90 BYN

Pasta Gusto
#20 Pasta Gusto
460g, pasta, cured meat, tomatoes, black olives, blue cheese, basil, cucumber and cream sauce
13.20 BYN

Pasta Camaro
#21 Pasta Camaro
500g, pasta, cucumbers, bell pepper, mussels, shrimps. ruccola, sauce with flying fish caviar
15.90 BYN

Pasta Carbonara
#22 Pasta Carbonara
400g, pasta, mushroom mix, bacon, cheese Parmesan, basil, sauce cream-mushrooms
10.90 BYN

Pasta Carbonara Deluxe
#23 Pasta Carbonara Deluxe
580g, pasta, chicken fillet, mushroom mix, tomato, bacon, cheese Parmesan, basil, cream-mushroom sauce
12.90 BYN

Pasta Pesto
#24 Pasta Pesto
490g, pasta, aspargus, tomato, cheese Feta, spinash, sauce Pesto
10.20 BYN

Pasta Fresko
#26 Pasta Fresko
510g, pasta, cauliflower, grilled zucchini, cheese Feta, Tuna, spinach, sauce Dijon
13.90 BYN

Sandwich Caprese
#30 Sandwich Caprese
260g, ciabatta, sauce Pesto, lettuce, tomato, cheese Mozarella, basil
8.20 BYN

Sandwich Pollo
#31 Sandwich Pollo
330g, ciabatta, garlic and nut sauce, cream Feta, lettuce, chicken fillet, baked vegetables
8.70 BYN

Sandwich Tuna
#32 Sandwich Tuna
290g, ciabatta, cucumber and cream sauce, cream Feta, lettuce, cucumber, Tuna
9.20 BYN

Sandwich Tritone
#33 Sandwich Tritone
290g, ciabatta, sauce cucumber and cream, cream Feta, lettuce, cucumber, Salmon, ruccola
9.20 BYN

Sandwich Jamon
#34 Sandwich Jamon
280g,ciabatta, sauce garlic and nut, cream Feta, lettuce, basil, jamon, tomato
9.20 BYN

Spinach soup
#42 Spinach soup
350g, spinach, thyme, potato, onion, cream
4.90 BYN

Your own dish
Make your own dish
#46 Make your own dish
Up to 4 ingredients on your choice
0.00 BYN

Make your own dish from 5 ingredients
#47 Make your own dish from 5 ingredients
Dish base and sauce are for free from 5 ingredients
0.00 BYN

Dessert Banofi
#50 Dessert Banofi
180g, chocolate-sand biscuit, caramel, banana, chocolate ganash
4.90 BYN

Tart Raspberry
#52 Tart Raspberry
150g, sand biscuit, pastry cream, raspberry jam
4.90 BYN

#53 Tiramisu
80g, cottage cheese cream, biscuit Savoyardi, coffee
4.90 BYN

Cheesecake Mango
#54 Cheesecake Mango
135g, sand biscuit, butter cream, mango puree, almond nuts, coconut chips
4.90 BYN

Dessert Spinata
#519 Dessert Spinata
85g, cherry, spinach, cream cheese, cream, oil, sugar, flour, vanilla sugar
4.90 BYN

#55 Pudding
200g, cream cheese, sour milk cheese, semolina, sugar, butter, vanilla sugar, egg, sour cream
6.90 BYN

Drink from chef
3.50 BYN

Orange fresh
6.90 BYN

3.50 BYN

Water Borovaya
2.00 BYN

No results found
30 Jul 2020
ужас какой-то, заказываю сандвич, а мне звонят и говорят, что его нет. так почему он вообще заявлен в доступе на заказ.
Darya B.
30 Jul 2020
Привезли обычный цезарь, забыли соус
Надежда С.
29 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020

Все как всегда вкусно и полезно.

Andrei K.
21 Jul 2020
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