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Shokoladnitsa.Cakes (dish by weight)Cake ShokoladnitsaCake Djelato Black currantCake KhrreschatykCake Vienne waltzCake ViolettaKiev cakeCake TruffleCake EmeraldCake BlackberryCheesecake Jelato RaspberryCaked Red velvetCaked MakMagiaCake MarzipanCake Almond courageCake Nut madnessCake Prague elitCottage cheese cake with walnutsCake MoscowDessertsDessert BraunisDessert Chocolate bullPoppy dessertDessert with dried apricots and walnuts Dessert

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Cakes (dish by weight)
Cake Shokoladnitsa
#9 Cake Shokoladnitsa
price for 1000g, chocolate bisquit, syrup, chocolate mousse
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35.00 BYN

Cake Djelato Black currant
#10 Cake Djelato Black currant
price for 1000g, sandy bisquits, cinnamon,  chocolate, chocolate mousse (cheese, white chocolate), currant
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35.00 BYN

Cake Khrreschatyk
#12 Cake Khrreschatyk
price for 1000g, nut bisquit with hazelnut, without flour, custard butter cream
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35.00 BYN

Cake Vienne waltz
#13 Cake Vienne waltz
price for 1000g,  chocolate bisquits,  butter cream
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30.00 BYN

Cake Violetta
#15 Cake Violetta
price for 1000g, almond bisquit, cream with black currant, white chocolate mousse
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41.00 BYN

Kiev cake
#16 Kiev cake
price for 1000g, nut bisquit, cashew, butter cream 
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35.00 BYN

Cake Truffle
#17 Cake Truffle
price for 1000g, two layered dessert with chocolate-coffee biscuit, rum syrup, chocolate-coffee cream, truffle chocolate
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35.00 BYN

Cake Emerald
#21 Cake Emerald
price for 1000g, biscuit with spinach and lemon, cream with cream cheese and raspberry puree
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25.00 BYN

Cake Blackberry
#24 Cake Blackberry
price for 1000g, berry biscuit with blackberry, chocolate-blackberry cream
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28.00 BYN

Cheesecake Jelato Raspberry
#25 Cheesecake Jelato Raspberry
price for 1000g, sand biscuit with cinnamon, chocolate pieces, soft cheese, white chocolate mousse, frozen raspberry
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36.00 BYN

Caked Red velvet
#27 Caked Red velvet
price for 1000g, biscuit, cottage-butter cream
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28.00 BYN

Caked MakMagia
#28 Caked MakMagia
price for 1000g, poppy biscuit without flour, cognac, English cream, chcocolate glaze
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30.00 BYN

Cake Marzipan
#29 Cake Marzipan
price for 1000g, chocolate nut biscuit, pineapple pices in coconut chips, marzipan cream
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32.00 BYN

Cake Almond courage
#30 Cake Almond courage
price for 1000g, light almond biscuit, butter cream with syrup Amaretto, white glaze chcocolate, almond chips
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45.00 BYN

Cake Nut madness
#32 Cake Nut madness
price for 1000g, dessert with light nut biscuit, cream-apricot cream, praline filling
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36.00 BYN

Cake Prague elit
#33 Cake Prague elit
price for 1000g, classic dessert with chocolate biscuit, chocolate-butter cream, cherry
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25.00 BYN

Cottage cheese cake with walnuts
#34 Cottage cheese cake with walnuts
price for 1000g, nut-chocolate base with cottage cheese cream, walnuts
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28.00 BYN

Cake Moscow
#35 Cake Moscow
price for 1000g, fluffy nut bisquit without flower, butter cream, condensed milk, cognac
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35.00 BYN

Dessert Braunis
#75 Dessert Braunis
1000g, chocolate nut mass, white chocolate, topping
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29.00 BYN

Dessert Chocolate bull
#76 Dessert Chocolate bull
65g, chocolate bisquit, rum, chocolate glaze
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1.70 BYN

Poppy dessert
#77 Poppy dessert
price for 1000g, cottage cheese dessert with Ricotta and Cream cheese, poppy seeds
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18.00 BYN

Dessert with dried apricots and walnuts
#78 Dessert with dried apricots and walnuts
price for 1000g, sand cookie base, cream with Buko cheese with dried apricot pieces and walnuts
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25.00 BYN

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Женя П.
12 Apr 2020
01 Apr 2020
торт привезли свежий! супер !
Kairat R.
12 Nov 2018
Reigo G.
14 Jul 2018
01 Mar 2018
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