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European, Pies, Dessert
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Cake Curd Ice Cream
#1 Cake Curd Ice Cream
1000g, cream and sour cream sauce with Curd, milk chocolate
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25.60 BYN

#2 Cheesecake
1000g, Cream cheese, cream, shortcrust pastry
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20.50 BYN

Chocolate Cheesecake
#3 Chocolate Cheesecake
1000g, Cream cheese, cream, shortcrust pastry, chocolate ganache
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22.50 BYN

Cake Monastery hut with condensed milk
#4 Cake Monastery hut with condensed milk
1000g, shortbread rolls with cherry, butter and condensed milk cream
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18.00 BYN

Chocolate-curd cake
#5 Chocolate-curd cake
1000g, chocolate shortcrust pastry, sour cream and curd cream
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17.50 BYN

Cake Napoleon
#6 Cake Napoleon
1000g, puff pastry, custard cream, butter
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18.00 BYN

Cake Snickers
#7 Cake Snickers
1000g, chocolate bisquit, protein-nut layer, condensed milk cream, chocolate-cream ganash
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17.00 BYN

Cake Trio
#8 Cake Trio
1000g, milk chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse, fresh currant
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24.80 BYN

Cake Bounty
#9 Cake Bounty
1000g, chocolate sponge cake, syrup, cream with condensed milk and coconut chips, chocolate ganache
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22.00 BYN

Cake Blueberry and poppy
#10 Cake Blueberry and poppy
1000g, poppy sponge cakes with cream cheese, blueberry jelly
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23.50 BYN

Cake Chocolate compliment
#11 Cake Chocolate compliment
1000g, chocolate bisquit, cream, chocolate ganash
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23.00 BYN

Homemade honey cake
#12 Homemade honey cake
1000g, honey cookies, sour cream sauce
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17.00 BYN

Dark truffle
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0.90 BYN

Milk truffle
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0.90 BYN

Roll with condensed milk
#49 Roll with condensed milk
80g, waffle, condensed milk
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2.00 BYN

Cookie Florentine
#50 Cookie Florentine
80g, peanuts, almond petals, dried cranberries, cream
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2.00 BYN

Antistress milk chocolate
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3.90 BYN

Dark chocolate with strawberry
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6.90 BYN

Cookies Pugovitsy
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9.00 BYN

Cold drinks
Coca-Cola Zero
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1.55 BYN

#76 Fanta
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1.55 BYN

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1.55 BYN

Juice Rich
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1.30 BYN

#79 Bonaqua
0.33l, still
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1.20 BYN

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11 Jun 2020
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