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Tan Chao.Salads and AppetizersSpecial homemade salad Tan ChaoCashew with celerySalad with mushrooms (Golden threads)Salad Tree threadsWood mushrooms in vinegarBeef with leekCold appetizer assortmentMultilayer pork earsPork heart and tongue in spicy sauceSychuan beef bellySalad with beef and cucumberSpicy squidSpicy Sychuan appetizer with beef gutsVegetable tripletFried eggplantsShrimps with celerySoy homemade TofuSpicy Tofu with Sychuan porkGlass noodles with celeryPotato slices with mushroomsDry Tofu with spicy pepperVegetarian dishFried eggplants with meatFried Tofu with shrimp ballsSoupsSour and spicy soupSihus beef soupMeat DishesPork Gobaozhou in soft dough under sweet and sour saucePork Gulao in soft dough with sweet and sour sauce and pineappleFried pork Yuisan in spicy and sweet sauceMeat in a soft doughMeat in sweet and sour sauceFried pork kidneysPork in broth with chili pepperAromatic pork ribsBeef with soy beansBeef in Oyster sauceCrispy beefLamb with cuminFried lamb with onionChicken with spicy pepper and vegetablesLight fried loinDuck in soy sauceChicken with pineapplesFried chicken in it own juiceChicken fried with shrimpsFish DishesFish squirell in sweet and sour sauceFish in sauce HunshaoFish stripes under sweet and sour sauceFish fillet with pineappleFried fish filletRolls Golden squidFried spicy shrimp ballsFried big shrimp balls on fireGrilled shrimpsStewed big shrimpsMussels with garlicScallops ballsDumplingsBoiled dumplings with beefBoiled dumplings with porkTraditional dumplings with beefTraditional dumplings with porkGarnishBoiled riceYanchzhou fried riceFried rice with eggFried rice with seafoodsRice with vegetablesFried rice in soy sauceFried noodles with eggFried noodles with porkFried noodles with seafoodsFried flatbread with leekPatty with fillingFried Pompushki in oil Chinese, Asian
Tan Chao

Chinese, Asian
Working hours
12:00 - 22:00
Delivery Fee 2.00BYN

Tan Chao

Sour and spicy soup
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12.00 BYN

Sihus beef soup
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16 Dec 2019
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