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TGI Fridays.Burgers and SandwichesFridays Tennesi Ultimate BurgerBurger Fridays TennesiFridays CheeseburgerChicken sandwich Fridays TennesiBurger BBQBurger South-WestSunrise burgerPhiladelphia steak burgerHot Dishes Chicken sticksPastaKeygen pasta with shrimps and chickenGarnish French friesSauce BBQSauce Glaze TennesseeOnion rings KeygenSauce Horseradish American, Burger and Sandwich
TGI Fridays

American, Burger and Sandwich
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TGI Fridays

Burgers and Sandwiches
Fridays Tennesi Ultimate Burger
#31 Fridays Tennesi Ultimate Burger
100/40/10/6/10/25/16/65/30g, beef steak, crispy strips of bacon, white cheese, Jack Daniels sauce
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22.90 BYN

Burger Fridays Tennesi
#32 Burger Fridays Tennesi
100/40/10/6/10/25/16/65/30g, beef steak, crispy strips of bacon, white cheese, Jack Daniels sauce
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16.90 BYN

Fridays Cheeseburger
#33 Fridays Cheeseburger
100/40/6/10/10/10/65g, Cheeseburger with melted cheese
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13.90 BYN

Chicken sandwich Fridays Tennesi
#36 Chicken sandwich Fridays Tennesi
302/30g, grilled chicken brisket in glaze Fridays Tennesi, bacon (2pcs), cheese mix, onion. Served with Cole Slow, glaze Fridays Tennesi
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14.50 BYN

Burger BBQ
#41 Burger BBQ
100/40/10/6/10/25/16/65/30g, beef cutlet, cheese, onion rings Keidjin, sauce BBQ
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16.90 BYN

Burger South-West
#42 Burger South-West
100/100/40/6/10/10/25/16/65/30/30g, beef cutlet, Piko de Gaio, guacamole, jalapenio, pepper Chili, cheese
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19.90 BYN

Sunrise burger
#43 Sunrise burger
401/30g, juicy beef cutlet, chedder cheese, piquant steamed beef, caramelized onion, egg, onion rings, garlic ayoili, bun
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18.90 BYN

Philadelphia steak burger
#44 Philadelphia steak burger
316/30/30g, beef tengerloin, melted cheese, baked vegetables: bell pepper, onion, champignons, juice beef cutlet, bun, brand sauce Horseradish
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18.90 BYN

Hot Dishes
Chicken sticks
#54 Chicken sticks
150/100/30g, chicken fillet, honey, French fries, honey-mustard dressing
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9.90 BYN

Keygen pasta with shrimps and chicken
#70 Keygen pasta with shrimps and chicken
343g, shrimps, spices, chicken brisket, fettuccini, cream sauce, spices Keygen, cheese, bell pepper, green onion
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15.90 BYN

French fries
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3.50 BYN

Sauce BBQ
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1.50 BYN

Onion rings Keygen
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2.90 BYN

Sauce Horseradish
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1.50 BYN

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