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Tsvetochnye pribambasy

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Tsvetochnye pribambasy

Bouquet Kingdom of Dreams
#1 Bouquet Kingdom of Dreams
45x40cm, cymbidium, rose, freesia, alstoemeria, eustoma, chysanthemum, salal
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95.00 BYN

Bouquet Piercing glance
#2 Bouquet Piercing glance
45x40cm, rose, eustoma, chrysanthemum, gerbera, carnation, tulip, alstroemeria, aspidistra, pittosporum
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98.00 BYN

Bouquet Charming Enchantress
#3 Bouquet Charming Enchantress
45x40cm, rose, eustoma, chrysanthemum, carnation, tulip, alstroemeria, aspidistra, pittosporum
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95.00 BYN

Composition Delight
#4 Composition Delight
30x25cm, gerbera, eustoma, spray rose, alstroemeria, mathiola, eucalyptus, salal
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60.00 BYN

Composition Pretty
#5 Composition Pretty
35x30cm, orchid, spray rose, eustoma, hamelacium, eucalyptus, aspidistra, salal
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75.00 BYN

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