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Vse Srazu.Lunch on Thursday Salad Vitamin with cucumberSalad SluchGreek saladSalad Moryachok Sorrel soupSoup LubitelskiMushroom soup with pear porrigeBeef collopsFried fishHomemade Golubtsy in sour cream sauceStewed potato with onion and carrotRice with pepper and cornNoodles with greensBreadShawarmaShawarma smallShawarma bigShawarma MiniBurgersBurger XLBurger XXLCheeseburger XLCheeseburger XXLSaucesMayonnaiseKetchupSour CreamFirm sauceMustard sauceSweet and sour sauce Lunches, Shawarma, Home cooking
Vse Srazu

Lunches, Shawarma, Home cooking
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Vse Srazu

Lunch on Thursday
Salad Vitamin with cucumber
#169 Salad Vitamin with cucumber
130g, onion, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, oliveoil
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1.39 BYN

Salad Sluch
#174 Salad Sluch
130g, tomato, garlic, olive oil
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1.89 BYN

Greek salad
#177 Greek salad
300g, lettuce, black olives, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, Feta cheese, dressing
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4.77 BYN

Salad Moryachok
#189 Salad Moryachok
130g, laminaria, egg, crab sticks, corn with olive oil
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1.94 BYN

Sorrel soup
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1.69 BYN

Soup Lubitelski
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1.69 BYN

Beef collops
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3.11 BYN

Fried fish
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3.24 BYN

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0.10 BYN

Shawarma small
#400 Shawarma small
500g, lavash, cabbage, chicken, pickled cucumbers, corean carrot, ketchup, sauce for shawarma, tomato
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6.00 BYN

Shawarma big
#401 Shawarma big
700g, lavash, cabbage, chicken, pickled cucumbers, corean carrot, ketchup, sauce for shawarma, tomato
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9.00 BYN

Shawarma Mini
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3.50 BYN

Burger XL
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5.47 BYN

Burger XXL
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7.47 BYN

Cheeseburger XL
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6.47 BYN

Cheeseburger XXL
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8.47 BYN

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02 Jun 2020
Ужасная еда. Я бы сказал даже мерзкая. Какая-то каша из перевареных макарон, шашлык который пахнет тошнотворно. Ужас! Худшее обеденное меню что пробовал.
03 Apr 2020
котлета в бургере огромная, жирная и сырая, картошка в супе сырая. ощущение, что заказали набор продуктов для готовки, а не готовый обед
Саша А.
24 Jan 2020
Тушеная говядина одно название за ~ 5 рублей
13 Dec 2019
Юрий Т.
05 Oct 2019
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