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Bruschetta box 1
#1 Bruschetta box 1
991g, Herring on bread (5pcs), Bruschetta with Salmon (5pcs), Vegetable skewer (6pcs), Bruschetta with Parma ham (5pcs), Mini tortilla (6pcs), Bruschetta with tartare and tomatoes (5pcs)
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60.00 BYN

Bruschetta box 2
#2 Bruschetta box 2
1181g, brisket with pickled cucumber on dark bread (5pcs), Eggplant rolls (8pcs), Herring on dark bread (5pcs), Tartlet with russian meat salad (6pcs), mini tartlets (5pcs), pie with spinach (8pcs)
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50.00 BYN

Salad box
#3 Salad box
1659g, herring under a fur coat with red caviar (3pcs), salad with green peas (3pcs), Salad in Caesar style (3pcs)
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45.00 BYN

Dessert box
#4 Dessert box
1/1325g, Mini profiteroles (8pcs), Apple strudel (6pcs), Homemade lemon cake (6pcs), Cheesecake (6pcs)
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30.00 BYN

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