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WOK Box Zybitskaya

Asian, WOK
03:00 - 03:10
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WOK Box Zybitskaya

Udon Pad Tai
#1 Udon Pad Tai
315g or 370g, noodles Udon, peanut butter, peanuts, ginger, green beans, chinese cabbage, Shiitake, chick, soy sauce, sauce Pad Tai, onion fries, soy sprouts
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6.90 BYN

Udon with beef
#3 Udon with beef
315g or 370g, udon noodles, chili, egg, ginger, vegetable mix, broccoli, Shiitake mushrooms, beef, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, chili oil, sesame, onion fries
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8.00 BYN

Rice noodles with seafood
#4 Rice noodles with seafood
315g or 370g, funchoza, vegetable mix, tomatoes cherry, chili, sea coctail, coriander, soy sauce, Singapore sauce, Tom Yam sauce
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8.60 BYN

Rice noodles with vegetables and cashew
#5 Rice noodles with vegetables and cashew
280g or 320g, rice noodles, sesame oil, cashew, shiitake mushrooms, green beans, broccoli, onion, chinese cabbage, soy sauce
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6.00 BYN

Harusame with duck
#6 Harusame with duck
315g or 370g, rice noodles Harusame, vegetable mix, egg, celery, chili, Shiitake mushrooms, Tom Yam sauce, soy sauce, sesame
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7.40 BYN

Noodles Soba with chicken
#7 Noodles Soba with chicken
315g or 370g, noodles Soba, vegetable mix, chick, sauce Siungapore, soy sauce, sesame, chili
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6.30 BYN

Egg noodles with vegetables
#11 Egg noodles with vegetables
250g or 300g, egg noodles, vegetable mix, broccoli, mini corn, cherry tomatoes, garlic, ginger root, soy sauce, chili
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5.20 BYN

Egg noodles with shrimps
#12 Egg noodles with shrimps
315g or 370g, egg noodles, chili pepper, ginger, vegetable mix, tomatoes cherry, egg, coriander, shrimps, soy sauce, oyster sauce
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7.90 BYN

Soup Tom Yam
#20 Soup Tom Yam
350/100/50g, fish broth, soy sauce, pasta Tom Yam, tiger shrimps, broccoli, cherry tomato, shiitake mushrooms, cilantro, chili
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11.00 BYN

Soup Yangtze with soba and chicken
#22 Soup Yangtze with soba and chicken
350g, chicken broth, noodles soba, chicken, broccoli, chinese cabbage, celery, cherry tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, quial egg, sesame
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6.00 BYN

Miso soup
#27 Miso soup
fish broth, seewood Hiyashi, pasta Miso, cheese Tofu, soy sauce
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4.50 BYN

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05 Aug 2019
Сделала заказ. Суп том ям почему-то оказался томатным.. Такое ощущение, что в заготовку для другого супа добавили креветки и грибы и отправили мне, брокколи там не было. Я ела этот суп в заведении. Он был другим. СпасибопожалуйстО.
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