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Zakon Buterbroda.BurgersCheeseburgerBurger ChelentanoBurger RokforThai BurgerBurger Danny Trejo (spicy)Yummy BurgerBurger Forest GampBurger Zhadina govyadinaSandwichesSanwich with pepperoni and cheese sauceSandwich with omelette and Feta cheese (vegetarian)Sandwich with chick, mustard and Japapeno on ciabattaHot DogsHot Dog N1Hot Dog N5Hot Dog N8Appetizers and SaladsChicken nuggets and chili sauceTexas chicken wingsTaco with chicken (spicy)Meat platter for beerWarm salad with beef, mint and peanutsFrench fries with bacon and MozarellaBeef tartareSoupsSolyanka with smoked productsHot DishesChicken thighs in borbon with spicy ricePork ribs BBQ with french friesSaucesCheese sauceBrand sauceMustard sauceSweet chili sauceSmoked BBQ sauceDessertsCheesecake New York Burger and Sandwich
Zakon Buterbroda

Burger and Sandwich
17:00 - 17:10
Delivery Fee 2.00BYN

Zakon Buterbroda

#1 Cheeseburger
270/70g, cutlet on your choice, pickled cucumber, cheese, homemade bun, mustard sauce
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12.80 BYN

Burger Chelentano
#2 Burger Chelentano
350/70g, chicken cutlet, cheese, basil, ham, olives, tomatoes, bun, mustard sauce
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13.80 BYN

Burger Rokfor
#3 Burger Rokfor
330/70g, cheese cutlet, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, bun, brand sauce
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13.20 BYN

Thai Burger
#4 Thai Burger
340/70g, marble beef cutlet, shrimps, tomatoes, pickled red onion, cheese, Tom Yum sauce
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17.70 BYN

Burger Danny Trejo (spicy)
#5 Burger Danny Trejo (spicy)
340/70g, beef cutlet, nachos, cheese, Jalapenos, tomatoes, homemade bun, Malsa sauce, Tabasco sauce, french fries
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14.20 BYN

Yummy Burger
#6 Yummy Burger
380/70g, chicken cutlet, onion crisp, bacon, Cole Slow, pickled cucumber, sauce
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12.60 BYN

Burger Forest Gamp
#7 Burger Forest Gamp
330/70g, marble beef cutlet, porcini mushrooms cream, pickled cucumber, mushroom sauce
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16.90 BYN

Burger Zhadina govyadina
#8 Burger Zhadina govyadina
340/70g, cutlet with marble beef, bacon with mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, cheese Feta, ruccola, bun, brand sauce
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16.50 BYN

Hot Dogs
Hot Dog N1
#45 Hot Dog N1
220/100g, Bavarian sausage, sauercraut, ketchup, mustard, french fries
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9.30 BYN

Hot Dog N5
#46 Hot Dog N5
250/100g, turkey sausage, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, onion, piquant sauce Salsa, french fries
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10.50 BYN

Hot Dog N8
#47 Hot Dog N8
200/100g, Bavarian sausage, smoked sauce, red pickled onion, nachos, brand sauce, french fries
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9.50 BYN

Cheese sauce
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1.50 BYN

Brand sauce
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1.50 BYN

Mustard sauce
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1.50 BYN

Sweet chili sauce
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1.50 BYN

Smoked BBQ sauce
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3.00 BYN

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12 Aug 2017
В один день клаб-сендвич приезжает с картошкой фри, в другой - без и совершенно в другом виде. Так и должно быть ?
Aleksandr G.
09 Aug 2017
поменяйте упаковку, всё размокшее, выковырять практически не возможно чтобы сендвич остался целым. лучше в бумагу заворачивайте. вкус оценить сложно, т.к. мокрый хлеб не очень вкусная вещь.
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