• Pizza Margarita
    #8 Pizza Margarita
    360g, dough, tomato sauce, cheese Mozzarella, oregano
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    13.00 BYN
  • Pizza Proshutto
    #27 Pizza Proshutto
    400g, dough, tomato sauce, baked ham, cheese Mozarella, oregano
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    18.00 BYN
  • Pizza BBQ
    #22 Pizza BBQ
    600g, dough, tomato sauce, cheese Mozarella, chick fillet, bacon, champignons, sauce BBQ, onion, oregano
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    17.00 BYN
  • Bonaqua
    #37 Bonaqua
    0.5l, still or carbonated on your choice
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    2.80 BYN
Online Payment Methods - Express delivery service of Food from Cafes and Restaurants in Minsk Mogilev and Brest, Belarus. You can order food from at the same prices as in Cafes and Restaurants. Ltd

Certificate of registration № 192692984 is issued 19.08.2016 by Minsk City Executive Commitee

Legal address: 5 Dzerzhinskiy avenue, office 4506, RubinPlaza, Minsk 220036, Republic of Belarus.

Current address: 5 Dzerzhinskiy avenue, office 4506, RubinPlaza, Minsk 220036, Republic of Belarus

Tel. 7977 Food Delivery in Minsk, Mogilev and Brest, Belarus

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Address: Minsk, Belarus  220036 

 5 Dzerzhinskiy avenue,

Telephone: 7977

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