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Our Vacancies


 Have a personal car? Become a courier in and make good money! Get a weekly salary and work with a schedule that works for you the best! You can start working tomorrow! All you need to do is pass training to meet our service quality standards

What we offer?

  • An exciting job with a team of professionals in a fast-growing international company!
  • High salary, which you receive weekly!
  • A flexible work schedule, which allows you to combine your permanent job with your work in our company!
  • A sanitization of your car and a sanitary book!
How we pay?
  • A fixed-rate of 4 BYN per completed order;
  • The salary is issued weekly on your bank card;
  • You can also receive BONUSES! For 450 orders - 400BYN bonus. For 520 orders - 450BYN bonus, for 600 orders - 500BYN bonus . 

Our Requirements

  • Availability of a sanitary book at the company's expense (absence of reasons not to issue one)
  • Availability of a car with a gasoline expense of 8l/100 km max.
  • Availability of a "B" category driver's license
  • Good navigation skills, especially, in the parts of the city that are not well known to you. Capability to use a navigator;
  • Availability of a smartphone or a tablet;
  • Basic communication skills (ability to consult the client on general issues, polite and professional communication skills);
  • Punctuality and tidiness
  • Responsibility and decency

We kindly ask every interested person to send a resume to [email protected] or fill in this application

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