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Prev. 11 Nov 2019 delivered the first order by drone!




With belarusian startup Dronex, we delivered order by drone to one of the districts of Minsk.

Our courier service also took part in the test launch.
Initially, the courier took the order from the restaurant, and then delivered it to the address with drone take-off platform. Delivery time from drone platform to the customer's address was 58 seconds. The total time from taking order to receipt is 20 minutes.

Drone delivery is completely safe: the client doesn't interact with the device. While drone is in the air, it automatically lowers the container with the order to the earth, after this detaches the container by itself and flies away.

In the future, orders will be delivered by the drone from restaurants directly, without couriers participation. Right now the flight area is limited, but this question is in active discussion. Next year delivery by drone will be available for residents of apartment buildings. We plan to return to full-fledged food delivery by drones this spring.


Prev. 11 Nov 2019
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