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Bambuk.SaladsHomemade style vegetable saladSalad with mushrooms Golden ThreadsSpinach salad with peanutsAsparagus salad with peanutsWood mushrooms Muer saladPork ears appetizerBeef salad woth cucumberSquid saladSoupsHot AppetizersFried eggplants with potato and bell pepperFried eggplants in soy sauceFried broccoli with chopped garlicHomemade style tofu cheeseFried shrimps with celerySpicy tofu Mano with minced porkFried tofu with green onion and shrimpsHot Meat DishesChicken Gun Bao in spicy sauce with vegetablesPork Gobaozhou in soft dough under sour-sweet saucePork Gulao in soft dough with sour-sweet sauce and pineapplePork Yuysyan fried in spicy sweet saucePork in soft doughPork ribs in sour-sweet sauceBeef in oyster sauceChicken slices with pineappleChicken fried with red pepperFried eggplants with pork piecesStewed pork in soy sauceHot Fish DishesFish in sour-sweet sauceFish pieces in sour sweet sauceFried spicy shrimps ballsGrilled shrimpsMussels with garlicGarnishesRice boiledRice fried with eggRice fried in soy sauceRice fried with seafoodNoodles fried with egg and tomatoesNoodles fried with porkNoodles fried with seafoodPampushka fried in oilDumplings and FlatbreadsNoodlesNoodles with beef in brothNoodles with beef in spicy brothBaoziBaozi friedSteamed baoziDessertsAssorted fruits in sugar caramelBatata in sugar caramelKhvorost in sugar caramel Chinese, Asian

Chinese, Asian
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Hot Fish Dishes
Grilled shrimps
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Mussels with garlic
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Dumplings and Flatbreads
Baozi fried
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Steamed baozi
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21 Mar 2021
Экономия на ингредиентах... :(
19 Feb 2021
17 Dec 2020
не очень вкусные
22 Nov 2020
24 Oct 2020
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