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Berezka.BreakfastOatmeal with coconut milk and berriesClassic oatmeal with milk and black currant chipsQuinoa on coconut milk with mango and apple chatneyFlex porridge with kiwi and bananaBuckwheat with mushrooms and baconGreen omelette with SalmonOmelette with broccoli and sausageOmelette with chicken and artichokesToast Brioche with scramble and mushroomsToast Brioche with scoarched SalmonSyrniki with sour cream and strawberry-basil sauceHomemade pancakes with sour cream and honeyFrench breakfastEnglish breakfastAvocado toast on buckwheat breadAppetizersAntipasti BerezkaChicken liver pateBeef tartareTuna tartareZucchini rolls with TroutBruschetta with Salmon, avocado and cream cheeseSashimi setPlatter with seafoodsSeason mushrooms with truffle sauceSalmon seviche with avocadoHot AppetizersBaked eggplants with goat cheeseBeef roastbeef with porchini mushroom creamRavioli with scallop and shrimpBeef Machete with pea and mushroom creamDranikiDraniki with caviarDraniki with light-salted salmonDraniki with eel and red cavaiarDraniki with prosciutto and horseradish creamSaladsSalad with light salted salmon and avocadoSalad with marinated duck and raspberry sauceSalad with goat cheeseSalad with seafoodSalad with poached egg and proschiuttoAsian salad with chickenSalad with pickled bell pepper and antrekotSalad with avocado and wakame seaweedsSoupsBorsch with homemade breadRamen with chickenSoup Tom Kha with tiger shrimpsCream soup with artichokesBroth on beef tailsPizzaPizza Capricciosa with prosciutto cottoPizza with Baku tomatoes and cheese BurrataPizza with chick and baked bell peppersPizza with Parma ham and strawberryPizza with shrimps and spinachPizza with bacon, chicken and artichokesPasta and NoodlesPapardelle Boskayola with mushroomsRice noodles with TunaEgg noodles with shrimp and avocadoPapardelle with ossobuko in demiglace sauceTagliatelle with Burrata cheese and PestoTagliatelle with seafoods under Bisque sauceRice with smoked Eel and Teriyaki sauceSpaghetti with wongole in white wine (for two persons)Hot dishesSteak tenderloin with smoked cabbage and seasonal vegetablesDuck breast with pear creamSalmon fillet with smoked potato puree and broccoliGrilled octopus with baked potato and mango-mayonnaiseTuna fillet with qiunoa and oyster saucePerch fillet with perlottoBeef ribs with sauce ChingiskhanBlack Cod fillet in Miso marinadeRibeye steak with pepper sauceRolls Green rollRoll with soared salmon and lemongrass sauceRoll with salmon tartareRoll with smoked eelRoll spicy TunaRoll with lobsterSashimi and TatakiSashimi scallopSashimi TunaSashimi SalmonTataki TunaTataki SalmonDessertsPanna cotta with RafaelloHoney cake with salt caramelCheese pie with berries and strawberry sauceChocolate tart Belarusian, European, Pizza

Belarusian, European, Pizza
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French breakfast
#812 French breakfast
350g, croissant, prosciutto kotto, brie cheese, Cheddar cheese, brioche, jam, butter, cherry tomatoes, spinach
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22.00 BYN

English breakfast
#813 English breakfast
400g, fried eggs, chicken sausages, fried bacon, beans in tomato sauce, champignons, cherry tomatoes, chiabatta toasts
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18.00 BYN

Avocado toast on buckwheat bread
#814 Avocado toast on buckwheat bread
250g, gluten free, lactose free
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17.00 BYN

Antipasti Berezka
#10 Antipasti Berezka
665g, Milano, Prosciutto cotto, Breasola, Cabanos, Parmesan, Dor Blu, Brie, goat cheese with pineapple
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69.00 BYN

Chicken liver pate
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12.00 BYN

Beef tartare
#13 Beef tartare
215g, beef, truffle butter, brioche bread
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23.00 BYN

Tuna tartare
#14 Tuna tartare
279g, Tuna, shrimps, avocado
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25.00 BYN

Sashimi set
#47 Sashimi set
380g, Eel, Scallop, Tobiko, Salmon, Tuna
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45.00 BYN

Platter with seafoods
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180.00 BYN

Sashimi and Tataki
Sashimi scallop
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17.00 BYN

Sashimi Tuna
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12.00 BYN

Sashimi Salmon
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13.00 BYN

Tataki Tuna
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19.00 BYN

Tataki Salmon
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15.00 BYN

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26 Mar 2021
Заведение испортилось?сашими сет в два раза меньше порция, чем в прошлый раз! Пицца с тремя маленькими кусочками курицы и бекона почти столько же, одни грибы и артишоки, так бы и писали, пицца только с овощами
13 Apr 2020
Вкусно готовят, подсел на их суп из чечевицы :)
Вадим О.
13 Oct 2019
В заказе отсутствует сметана для борща, и отсутствют: торт птичье молоко, наполеон и чизкейк. Для такого заведения это неприемлемо.
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