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Burger King Uruchie.Special offerCombo Menu.byWhopper setDouble Whopper with cheese setCombo with naggetsCombo with SteakhouseCombo for two with WhopperCombo for two Big KingCombo for two Chicken KingCombo Super MixCombo Pod SerialchikParty Mix SetGurman ComboCombo for two Say cheeseBeef burgersShrimp WhopperWhopper BBQWhopper with cheeseDouble WhopperDouble Whopper with cheeseTriple WhopperWhopperBig KingDouble CheeseburgerLong BeefBig King XXLSteakhouseWhopper rollSweden BurgerBurger BaconazierBurger Cheese JoeSteakhouse rollCheeseburger rollChicken burgersChicken BBQChicken roll BBQCaesar rollLong ChickenChicken KingChicken filletBurger Cheese MeriFish burgersFish KingShrimp KingShrimp rollSnacksKing Bouquette ShrimpsKing Bouquette Shrimps XXLKing Go with shrimpsShrimps King (3pcs)Shrimps King (5pcs)Shrimps King (8pcs)Shrimps King (15pcs)King Nuggets (standart)Nuggets XXLKing Nuggets (big)Chicken Wings XLChicken Wings XXLVillage PotatoesChicken WingsOnion RingsKing fri LKing fri XXLKing Busket King friKing Busket Snack DuoKing Busket Big MixMedalions with Jalapenos LMedalions with Jalapenos XXLKing Go Village MKing Go Nuggets MSaucesGarlic SauceCheese SauceSweet and sour SauceBarbeque sauceCurry SauceKetchupMustard sauceSauce ParmegianoDessertsCherry pieChocolate donutCurd pancakes with lingonberry sauceCottage cheese pancakes with cowberry syropDrinksPepsiMirinda7 UpFruktovyi sad juiceIce Tea LiptonWater Aqua Minerale American, Burger and Sandwich, Draniki, Pancake, Discounts
Burger King Uruchie

American, Burger and Sandwich, Draniki, Pancake, Discounts
Working hours
08:00 - 23:30
08:00 - 18:00

Burger King Uruchie

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Special offer
#1 Combo
Swedish Burger, Whopper,  2 King Fri XXL, 2 Onion rings (L),  2 sauces, 2 drinks (0.5l)
23.70 BYN

Whopper set
#3 Whopper set
whopper, King fri XXL, soft drink on your choice, sauce
10.60 BYN

Double Whopper with cheese set
#6 Double Whopper with cheese set
double whopper with cheese, King fri XXL, drink on your choice, sauce
13.00 BYN

Combo with naggets
#22 Combo with naggets
Naggets (M size), King fri XXL, soft drink on your choice, sauce
8.00 BYN

Combo with Steakhouse
#23 Combo with Steakhouse
Steakhouse, King fri XXL (2portions), Cheese medalions (L size), sauce (3pcs)
16.50 BYN

Combo for two with Whopper
#25 Combo for two with Whopper
Whopper (2pcs), sauce (2pcs), King fri XXL (2 portions), Naggets (M size), Onion rings (M size), soft drink (2pcs)
24.60 BYN

Combo for two Big King
#26 Combo for two Big King
Big King (2pcs), King fri XXL (2pcs), soft drinks (2pcs), sauce (2pcs), Naggets (M size), Onion rings (M size)
23.40 BYN

Combo for two Chicken King
#27 Combo for two Chicken King
Chicken King (2pcs), King fri XXL (2pcs), soft drink (2pcs), sauce (2pcs). Naggets (M size) (2 portions)
23.00 BYN

Combo Super Mix
#28 Combo Super Mix
King fri XXL (2 portions), soft drink (2pcs), sauce (4pcs), Double Cheeseburger, Naggets M size (2 portions), Cheese medalions (L size), Double Whopper
30.00 BYN

Combo Pod Serialchik
#29 Combo Pod Serialchik
Whopper or Long Chicken (3pcs), sauce (3pcs), soft drink (3pcs), King fri XXL (3pcs), naggets (M size) 3 portions
36.80 BYN

Party Mix Set
#31 Party Mix Set
King Go Nuggets 3 portions, Onion rings (L size) 2 portions, Cheese medalions XXL 2 portions, King fri XXL 1 portion, sauce (4pcs)
32.00 BYN

Gurman Combo
#32 Gurman Combo
Swedish burger, Whopper roll, King fri XXL, Cheese medalions XL, sauce (2pcs), soft drink (2pcs)
22.40 BYN

Combo for two Say cheese
#34 Combo for two Say cheese
Cheese Joe, Cheese Mary, 2 drinks on your choice (soft drink or coffee 0.3l), King Fri XXL (2pcs), Nuggets M (2pcs), 2 sauce on your choice
25.50 BYN

Beef burgers
Shrimp Whopper
#39 Shrimp Whopper
342.9g, beef cutler, shrimps in crumbs, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickled cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, Iceberg lettuce, onion
9.00 BYN

Whopper BBQ
#41 Whopper BBQ
281,5g,  beef, cheese (2pcs), BBQ sauce, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, corn bun
7.10 BYN

Whopper with cheese
#45 Whopper with cheese
305g, beef cutlet, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickles, white onions, sesame seed bun
6.40 BYN

Double Whopper
#46 Double Whopper
360g, 2 beef cutlets, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, white onion, sesame seed bun
7.50 BYN

Double Whopper with cheese
#47 Double Whopper with cheese
385g, 2 beef cutlets, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickles, white onion on sesame seed bun
7.90 BYN

Triple Whopper
#48 Triple Whopper
438g, 3 beef cutlets, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, white onion, sesame seed bun
10.90 BYN

#50 Whopper
280g, beef cutlet, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickles, white onion, sesame seed bun
6.00 BYN

Big King
#52 Big King
212g, 2 beef cutlets, 3 slices of melted cheese, sauce Big King, lettuce, cucumbers, onion, sesame seed bun
4.90 BYN

Double Cheeseburger
#54 Double Cheeseburger
156g, 2 beef cutlets, a slice of melted cheese, pickled cucumbers, yellow mustard, ketchup, sesame seed bun
4.00 BYN

Long Beef
#55 Long Beef
167g, beef cutlet, cucumbers, cheese, white onion, sesame seed bun
4.70 BYN

Big King XXL
#56 Big King XXL
337g, 2 beef cutlets, 2 slices of melted cheese, sauce Big King, lettuce, cucumbers, onion, sesame seed bun
8.30 BYN

#59 Steakhouse
250g, beef cutlet, bacon slices, sauce BBQ, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, bun with corn chips
7.90 BYN

Whopper roll
#60 Whopper roll
228g, beef cutlet, vegetables, sauce, flour tortilla
6.50 BYN

Sweden Burger
#61 Sweden Burger
248g, beefsteak, cheese Cheddar, pickled cucumbers, crispy onion, salad, cheese sauce, cranberry sauce, potato bun
6.90 BYN

Burger Baconazier
#62 Burger Baconazier
335g, bacon, grilled double beef, cheese
8.50 BYN

Burger Cheese Joe
#63 Burger Cheese Joe
318g, firm bun, beef, cheese
6.90 BYN

Steakhouse roll
#64 Steakhouse roll
209g, beefsteak, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, wheat flatbread
6.90 BYN

Cheeseburger roll
#65 Cheeseburger roll
191,8g, beef, melted Chedder cheese, cucumbers, onion, mustard, ketchup, wheat flatbread
5.90 BYN

Chicken burgers
Chicken BBQ
#70 Chicken BBQ
264.1g, crispy chicken cutlet, BBQ sauce, cheese (2pcs), lettuce, mayonnaise, corn bun
6.10 BYN

Chicken roll BBQ
#71 Chicken roll BBQ
225.1g, crispy chicken cutlet, BBQ sauce, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, wheat flatbread
6.10 BYN

Caesar roll
#76 Caesar roll
207g, chicken cutlet, tomato, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, Caesar sauce, flour tortilla
6.30 BYN

Long Chicken
#77 Long Chicken
193g, chicken fillet, lettuce, mayonnaise, sesame seed bun
4.90 BYN

Chicken King
#79 Chicken King
234g, 2 chicken cutlets, sauce, lettuce, pickled cucumbers, melted cheese, onion, sesame seed bun
4.60 BYN

Chicken fillet
#81 Chicken fillet
187g, chicken brisket in breading, fresh vegetables, mayonnaise
4.90 BYN

Burger Cheese Meri
#87 Burger Cheese Meri
318g, grilled chicken, crispy onion, vegetable under sauce Caesar, cheese
6.90 BYN

Fish burgers
Fish King
#95 Fish King
183g, fish fillet, mayonnaise, lettuce
4.60 BYN

Shrimp King
#97 Shrimp King
191.6g, shrimps in crumbs, Chedder cheese, Caesar sauce, Iceberg lettuce, pickled cucumber
7.60 BYN

Shrimp roll
#98 Shrimp roll
174.3g, shrimps in crumbs, Iceberg lettuce, sauce King, Cheeder cheese
7.10 BYN

King Bouquette Shrimps
#103 King Bouquette Shrimps
461g, 10pcs, onion rings, shrimps in crumbs, french fries small, salt
16.70 BYN

King Bouquette Shrimps XXL
#104 King Bouquette Shrimps XXL
480g, 30pcs, shrimps in crumbs
33.00 BYN

King Go with shrimps
#105 King Go with shrimps
138g, shrimps in crumbs, french fries small, salt
6.50 BYN

Shrimps King (3pcs)
#106 Shrimps King (3pcs)
48g, shrimps in crumbs
4.90 BYN

Shrimps King (5pcs)
#107 Shrimps King (5pcs)
80g, shrimps in crumbs
6.90 BYN

Shrimps King (8pcs)
#108 Shrimps King (8pcs)
128g, shrimps in crumbs
12.60 BYN

Shrimps King (15pcs)
#109 Shrimps King (15pcs)
240g, shrimps in crumbs
16.60 BYN

Village Potatoes
#115 Village Potatoes
M-size or L-size
2.90 BYN

Chicken Wings
#116 Chicken Wings
M-size or L-size
4.80 BYN

Onion Rings
#117 Onion Rings
M-size or L-size
3.20 BYN

King fri L
3.20 BYN

King fri XXL
3.50 BYN

King Busket Big Mix
13.70 BYN

King Go Village M
3.20 BYN

King Go Nuggets M
4.80 BYN

#170 Pepsi
size on your choice
2.50 BYN

#171 Mirinda
size on your choice
2.50 BYN

7 Up
#172 7 Up
size on your choice
2.50 BYN

Fruktovyi sad juice
#173 Fruktovyi sad juice
0.2l, flavor on your choice
1.40 BYN

Ice Tea Lipton
#174 Ice Tea Lipton
0.6l, flavor on your choice
2.30 BYN

Water Aqua Minerale
#175 Water Aqua Minerale
0.6l, still or sparkled on your choice
1.60 BYN

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09 Aug 2020
09 Aug 2020
09 Aug 2020
08 Aug 2020
Eduard C.
08 Aug 2020
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