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Fainy Lis

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Fainy Lis

Cake Vitovt
#3 Cake Vitovt
1kg, ultra chocolate cake sponge with cocoa and chocolate, classic syrup, cream based on boiled condensed milk and butter
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21.00 BYN

Cake Evening Kyiv
#4 Cake Evening Kyiv
1kg, nut cake sponge with egg and peanuts, butter cream, condensed milk, powdered sugar, cocoa
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23.00 BYN

Cake Napoleon
#27 Cake Napoleon
1kg, puff pastry, custard with butter
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23.00 BYN

Cake Leningrad
#28 Cake Leningrad
1kg, cake with butter cream with cocoa, cranberry jam, chocolate ganache
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23.00 BYN

Cake Red Velvet
#30 Cake Red Velvet
1kg, muffin sponge with cocoa, cottage cheese cream with butter
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27.00 BYN

Cake Black forest
#31 Cake Black forest
1.2kg, ultra chocolate sponge cake, cherry and cognac syrup, spicy cherry, cottage cheese cream with butter
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29.00 BYN

Cake Fainy Lis
#33 Cake Fainy Lis
1kg, cake sponges with spinach, lemon, lemon zest, rasppberry, cottage cheesecream with butter
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30.00 BYN

Cake Zaher
#35 Cake Zaher
1kg, ultra chocolate cake sponge, apricot jam, chocolate ganache
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32.00 BYN

Honey cake
#46 Honey cake
1kg, honey sponge cake, sour cream and butter crem
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23.00 BYN

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01 Jun 2021
Очень вкусные тортики!
10 Nov 2020
Dmitry B.
08 May 2020
19 Apr 2020
Всё супер! Заказывала куличи, положили даже пряник в подарок. Очень приятно!
Светлана М.
12 Apr 2020
Вес пасхи указан 700, а по факту 300. Рулет суховат и переслащен
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