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Salad with fried salmon
#9 Salad with fried salmon
210g, fried salmon, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lemon, balsamic dressing
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8.00 BYN

Greek salad
#11 Greek salad
175g, salad, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, cucummber, feta cheese, black olives, blue onion, dressing with balsamic vinegar
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7.00 BYN

Chicken wings with spicy sauce
#13 Chicken wings with spicy sauce
300/60/50g, baked chicken wings, spicy sauce, cherry tomato, blue onion
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12.50 BYN

Toast with garlic sauce
#15 Toast with garlic sauce
150/50g, bred, cheese-garlic sauce
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5.00 BYN

Appetizer for a company
#16 Appetizer for a company
600/100/100/60g, baked chicken wings, ribs, sausages, french fries, spicy sauce, sauce with horseradish
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27.00 BYN

Chicken nuggets
#17 Chicken nuggets
120/100/50/50g, chicken fillet nuggets in breading, french fries, spicy sauce, cherry tomatoes, lettuce
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8.50 BYN

Mix grill
#18 Mix grill
450/250/100g, grilled chicken thigh, chicken fillet, pork neck, grilled vegetables, spicy sauce, sauce with horseradish
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27.00 BYN

Spicy pate with croutons
#20 Spicy pate with croutons
200/60/40/10g, liver pate, toast bread, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, blue onion
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7.00 BYN

Vareniki with potato
#37 Vareniki with potato
260/50/50g, dough, potato filling with cracklings, sour cream, Pesto sauce
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6.00 BYN

Meat solyanka
#23 Meat solyanka
300g, meat broth, ham, sausage salami, buzhenina, potato, onion, pickled pickled, black olives, sour cream, lemon
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6.00 BYN

Mushroom soup
#24 Mushroom soup
300g, mushrooms, onion, potato, sour cream
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6.00 BYN

Garlic soup
#25 Garlic soup
300g, meat broth, chicken thigh, garlic, onion, croutons, cheese
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5.00 BYN

Hot Dishes
Ham hock with stewed cabbage
#27 Ham hock with stewed cabbage
400/150/150/50/120g, baked pork ham hock, stewed cabbage, potato salad, sauce with horseradish
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15.50 BYN

Grilled chicken breast
#28 Grilled chicken breast
120/150/60g, fried chicken breast, boiled potato, lettuce, tomato, blue onion
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10.50 BYN

Grilled sausages
#29 Grilled sausages
250/80/60/50g, fried pork sausages, bread, bavarian mustard, chili pepper, cherry tomato, lettuce
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14.50 BYN

Pork chop Khmelnitsa
#30 Pork chop Khmelnitsa
140/150/50/50g, fried pork neck, potato salad, spicy sauce, lettuce, cherry tomato
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15.00 BYN

Salmon steak
#31 Salmon steak
150/200/20g, fried salmon fillet, grilled vegetables, lemon
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16.00 BYN

Baked ribs
#32 Baked ribs
400/80/60/50g, fried pork ribs, bread, spicy sauce, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chili pepper
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18.00 BYN

Dumplings and Vareniki
Strudel with apples
#41 Strudel with apples
100g, puff pastry, apple, raisins, powdered sugar
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5.00 BYN

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