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Belarusian, Home cooking
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Classic of the genre
#1 Classic of the genre
300g, dumplings with three sorts of meat: pork, beef, chicken
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8.20 BYN

#2 Chick
300g, dumplings with chick
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8.20 BYN

Prickly lamb
#3 Prickly lamb
300g, dumplings with lamb and cheese Suluguni
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13.20 BYN

Half and halfer
#6 Half and halfer
300g, dumplings with baked beetroot, pine nuts and goat cheese
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9.20 BYN

Mushroomer s dream
#7 Mushroomer s dream
300g, dumplings witg porcini mushrooms and champignons, served with mushroom chips and porcini mushroom broth
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11.60 BYN

Dumplings Bychok pod kolpakom
#9 Dumplings Bychok pod kolpakom
300g, dumplings with beef
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9.00 BYN

Dumplings Fish Dream
#10 Dumplings Fish Dream
300g, dumpling with marinated Salmon and dill
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22.70 BYN

Sober cherry
#15 Sober cherry
250g, vareniki with stewed cherry
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10.00 BYN

Cottage cheese Mick
#16 Cottage cheese Mick
300g, vareniki with homemade cottage cheese, in dough with black cherry flour
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9.20 BYN

Following village style
#17 Following village style
300g, vareniki with potato, fried brisket and onion
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8.60 BYN

Deep fried dishes
Fried classic
#20 Fried classic
200g, dumplings with three sorts of meat: pork, beef, chicken
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9.20 BYN

Fried Chick
#21 Fried Chick
200g, dumplings with chick
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9.20 BYN

#22 Chebureki
200g, beef, greens, onion
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7.80 BYN

Fried Mick
#23 Fried Mick
200g, homemade cottage cheese, dough with black cherry flour
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10.20 BYN

Cherry under the sun
#24 Cherry under the sun
200g, vareniki with cherry
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11.00 BYN

Vareniki Village
#25 Vareniki Village
240g, vareniki with potatoes, fried brisket, crispy onion
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9.60 BYN

Sour cream
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1.00 BYN

Sauce with herbs
#31 Sauce with herbs
50g, homemade mayonnaise, dill, parsley, lemon juice
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1.50 BYN

Garlic sauce
#32 Garlic sauce
50g, homemade mayonnaise, garlic flavor
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1.50 BYN

Mushroom sauce
#33 Mushroom sauce
50g, sour cream, champignons
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1.70 BYN

#34 Adjika
50g, tomatoes, greens
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1.70 BYN

Sauce Homemade BBQ
#35 Sauce Homemade BBQ
50g, tomato sauce with smoke flavor
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1.70 BYN

Soy sauce
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1.50 BYN

Siberian sauce
#37 Siberian sauce
50g, vinegar, spices
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0.50 BYN

Smoked sour cream
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1.50 BYN

#39 Jam
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1.50 BYN

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0.50 BYN

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07 Dec 2018
Сон грибника - ТОП!!!
Анастасия Н.
31 Aug 2018
Вкуснейшее тесто для пельменей. Весь отдел на работе сыт и доволен
18 May 2018
20 Apr 2018
Все как всегда вкусно, спасибо.
21 Jan 2018
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