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Poke Bowl.PokePoke with TunaPoke with shrimpsPoke with tuna and mangoPoke with chicken TeriyakiPoke PhiladelphiaSalmon tartareTuna tartareCaesar bowl with chickenSalad Bowl with salmonSalad Bowl with shrimpsAppetizersFresh roll with shrimpChopped cucumbersChuka salad with nut-sesame sauceSoupsHawaiian soup SaiminHawaiian soup Saitsmin with shrimpsDessertsCheesecakeChocolate brownieTiramisuDrinksCoca ColaCoca Cola ZeroBonaquaHomemade lemonade Healthy food
Poke Bowl

Healthy food
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10:00 - 21:45
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Poke Bowl

Poke with Tuna
#2 Poke with Tuna
330g, fresh Tuna in sesame sauce, rice, Asian sauce Aioli, avocado, broken cucumbers, carrot, ginger, onion fries, nori, coriander, sesame, green onion
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13.00 BYN

Poke with shrimps
#3 Poke with shrimps
330g, shrimps, rice, Asian sauce Aioli, sauce sweet mango chili, avocado, Chukka salad, carrot, ginger, peanut, coriander, chili, sesame, green leek
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13.00 BYN

Poke with tuna and mango
#5 Poke with tuna and mango
330g, rice, tuna, sesame sauce, avocado, chopped cucumbers, carrot, ginger, onion fri, nori, greens, sesame
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13.00 BYN

Poke with chicken Teriyaki
#6 Poke with chicken Teriyaki
330g, chicken fillet, rice, Teriyaki sauce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, corn, red beans, chili, nachos, sesame, greens
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13.00 BYN

Poke Philadelphia
#7 Poke Philadelphia
350g, rice poke, Salmon, avocado, curd cheese, cucumber, mango, chuka salad, ginger, nori, Tobiko, sesame, Aioli sauce, soy sauce
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14.00 BYN

Salmon tartare
#8 Salmon tartare
220g, Hawaian Salmon tartare, avocado, Tobiko caviar, sesame, Ponzu sauce
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19.00 BYN

Tuna tartare
#9 Tuna tartare
220g, Hawaian Tuna tartare, avocado, Tobiko caviar, sesame, Ponzu sauce
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19.00 BYN

Caesar bowl with chicken
#11 Caesar bowl with chicken
230g, mixed salad, chicken filelt, chery tomatoes, nachos, olives, hard cheese, sesame, Ayoli sauce
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11.00 BYN

Salad Bowl with salmon
#12 Salad Bowl with salmon
270g, mixed salad, salmon, avocado, edamame, chukka salad, ginger, onion fri, nori, tobiko, sesame, Ponzu sauce
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15.00 BYN

Salad Bowl with shrimps
#13 Salad Bowl with shrimps
270g, mixed salad, shrimps, avocado, edamame, chukka salad, mango, ginger, onion fri, nori, tobiko, sesame, Ponzu sauce
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15.00 BYN

Fresh roll with shrimp
#15 Fresh roll with shrimp
50g, rice paper, cucumbers, carrot, glass noodles, shrimp
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7.00 BYN

Chopped cucumbers
#16 Chopped cucumbers
200g, piquant cucumbers in special marinade with sesame oil, soy sauce, spices, chili pepper
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6.00 BYN

Hawaiian soup Saimin
#21 Hawaiian soup Saimin
300g, beef broth, soba noodles, tofu cheese, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, soy sprouts
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5.00 BYN

Hawaiian soup Saitsmin with shrimps
#22 Hawaiian soup Saitsmin with shrimps
300g, beef broth, noodles Soba, Tofu, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, soy sprouts, shrimps
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7.00 BYN

#26 Cheesecake
130g, cream cheese dessert
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7.00 BYN

Chocolate brownie
#27 Chocolate brownie
90g, chocolate dessert with soft caramel, almond, and walnuts
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6.50 BYN

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8.50 BYN

Coca Cola
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3.00 BYN

Coca Cola Zero
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3.00 BYN

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2.50 BYN

Homemade lemonade
#36 Homemade lemonade
0.33l, ginger, lemon, mint
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4.00 BYN

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12 Jun 2021
21 Dec 2020
Доставили суп без креветок. Просьба вернуть деньги.
14 Dec 2020
Протухшая курица, старые креветки, вонючая капуста. Есть невозможно
Андрейка К.
13 Dec 2020
17 Nov 2020
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