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Shawarma Guru

Best Offer
Shawarma Standard
#1 Shawarma Standard
400-450g, lavash, chicken, garlic sauce, cabbage, pickled cucumber, tomatoes
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5.40 BYN

Shawarma Deluxe
#2 Shawarma Deluxe
450-500g, lavash, chicken, garlic sauce, cabbage, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes
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7.20 BYN

Shawarma Arabian
#3 Shawarma Arabian
500-550g, lavash, chicken, french fries, brand sauce, cabbage, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes
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9.00 BYN

Shawarma Turkish
#4 Shawarma Turkish
500-550g, lavash, chicken, garlic sauce, cabbage, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, Turkish red sauce
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9.00 BYN

Shawarma Lebanese
#5 Shawarma Lebanese
450-500g, lavash, chicken, garlic sauce, pickled cucumber, french fries
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6.70 BYN

Shawarma Guru
#6 Shawarma Guru
750-800g, lavash, salad, garlic sauce, chicken, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers
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12.30 BYN

Falafel Standard
#8 Falafel Standard
450g, lavash, garlic sauce, chickpea cutlets, cabbage, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers
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4.90 BYN

Syrian style falafel
#9 Syrian style falafel
450g, lavash, takhina, chicpea cutlets, salad, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers
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6.30 BYN

Hamburger Guru
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10.80 BYN

Set with chicken
#17 Set with chicken
400g, chicken, garlic sauce, french fries, salad
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9.00 BYN

Set with hamburger
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10.00 BYN

Set with pilaf
#19 Set with pilaf
600g, with brand salad
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10.50 BYN

Set with falafel
#20 Set with falafel
400g, chickpea cutlets, takhina, salad
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7.00 BYN

Pilaf with chicken
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6.30 BYN

Pilaf with beef
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7.50 BYN

Shawarma Mexican
#7 Shawarma Mexican
450-500g, garlic sauce, chicken, onion, hot pepper, cabbage, lavash, spicy sauce, pickled cucumbers, tomato
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10.00 BYN

Caesar salad
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5.00 BYN

Vegetable salad
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4.50 BYN

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4.00 BYN

Onion rings
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4.00 BYN

French fries
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3.00 BYN

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2.00 BYN

Coca Cola
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1.80 BYN

#81 Fanta
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1.80 BYN

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2.00 BYN

#83 Burn
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3.15 BYN

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1.53 BYN

Kkvass Alivarski
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2.50 BYN

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03 Apr 2021
арсений В.
17 Oct 2020
не вкусно
Егор К.
23 Sep 2020
Андрей Х.
19 Sep 2020
шлак, без соуса, просто деньги на ветер
Олька Б.
14 Sep 2020
еда съедобная, на уровне "что угодно, только не голод", но заказывать не рекомендую.
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