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Tiflis.MenuFestMenu setBest OfferSet for twoSet for four GulukhviSet for six GulukhviCheburekiClassic CheburekiTiflis CheburekiChebureki with potato and mushroomsChebureki setKhinkaliKhevsurian khinkaliKhinkali TiflisClassic khinkaliKhinkali with cheeseKhinkali with potato and mushroomsFrozen khinkaliFrozen khinkali TiflisFrozen khinkali with cheeseFrozen khinkali with potato and mushroomsHot dishesOdzhakhuriOstri from ChefLamb KababiPoultry kebabiLamb ChakapuliBorani Chkmerski chicken in garlic milk sauce ChakhokhbiliJigaro liverLobioKuchmachiVegetables on skrewerChyzhy-PyzhyFried Suluguni on ketseBaked mushrooms on ketsiKhachapuriKhachapuri LazuriImeritian khachapuriAdjarian khachapuriKhachapuri phlovaniSoupsKharchoChikhirtmaCold appetizersGeorgian saladGeorgian salad with walnutsAdjapsandaliPkhali platterBadridjaniSatsiviImeretian saladKutaiski saladSaucesSatsebeliTkemaliAjikaGreen AdjikaBreadGeorgian bread ShotiDessertsWhite cherry jamSoft drinksNatakhtari lemonadeBorjomi mineral water Georgian, Discounts, MenuFest

Georgian, Discounts, MenuFest
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This restaurant participates in MenuFest, where all sets are for ONE price - ONLY 25BYN! ONLY until the 25th April

This restaurant participates in MenuFest, where all sets are for ONE price - ONLY 25BYN! ONLY until the 25th April

Menu set
#603 Menu set
GENEROUS Offer 1055g Georgian bread in country style (2pcs, 200g), Country style lobio (200/20g, georgian piquant beans with onion and cilantro), Khinkali (6pcs, 450g, dough, broth, chopped meat, greens), Achma with cheese (185g, dough, Imeretinian cheese, butter), Borjomi (2pcs)
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25.00 BYN

Best Offer
Set for two
#557 Set for two
1500g Kakhetinsk oil with Megrelian adjika, Georgian bread Shoti and Puri (160/40g), Chicken liver pate with chili pepper jam (50/20g), Khinkali with chopped meat and greens (6pcs, 450g), Chopped poulty and pork kababi baked with Georgian spices, onion, sumakh, served on thin lavash ( 80/30/40) Homemade apple pie Vashli (360/2g), Borjomi (2b), Khinkali Tiflis (6pcs, 250g)
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32.00 BYN

Set for four Gulukhvi
#558 Set for four Gulukhvi
2361g Georgian bread Shoti and crispy Puri (160/40g) Chicken liver pate with pepper chili jam (50/20g) Adjabsandal (135g) Country style lobio (300/20g) Lamb chakapuli (100/100g) Khinkali with meat and greens (6pcs, 450g) Batumi style Borani (310/75g) Imeretinian khachapuri (300g) Chebureki (4pcs, 120g) Homemade apple pie Vashli (1/180/1g) Borjomi (4pcs)
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85.00 BYN

Set for six Gulukhvi
#559 Set for six Gulukhvi
5252g Georgian bread Shoti and crispy Puri (480/80g) Chicken liver pate with pepper chili jam (150/60g) Georgian style salad (700g) Satsivi (260/340/5g) Chopped poultry and pork kababi, served with lavash Odjakhuri (450/5/2g) Megrelian kharcho (100/200g) Imeretinian khachapuri (2/600g) Mini chebureki set (150/50g) Satsebeli and Tkemali sauces (120/120g) Kada (150g) Homemade apple pie Vashli (800g) Natakhtari (2l) Borjomi (4pcs)
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149.00 BYN

Classic Chebureki
#1 Classic Chebureki
4pcs/120g, pork, beef
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7.90 BYN

Tiflis Chebureki
#2 Tiflis Chebureki
4pcs/120g, pork, beef, champignons
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8.90 BYN

Chebureki with potato and mushrooms
#3 Chebureki with potato and mushrooms
2pcs/120g, potato and mushrooms
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5.90 BYN

Chebureki set
#4 Chebureki set
300g, classic chebureki with beef and pork, tiflis chebureki, chebureki with mushrooms and tarragon, chebureki with potato and mushrooms, chebureki with cheese
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17.90 BYN

Khevsurian khinkali
#5 Khevsurian khinkali
5psc, 350g, lamb
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16.90 BYN

Khinkali Tiflis
#6 Khinkali Tiflis
430g, 5pcs, khinkali with pork, beef, champignons
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15.70 BYN

Classic khinkali
#7 Classic khinkali
450g, 6pcs, pork, beef
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12.50 BYN

Khinkali with cheese
#8 Khinkali with cheese
5pcs, 225g, khinkali with Imeretian cheese
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10.50 BYN

Khinkali with potato and mushrooms
#9 Khinkali with potato and mushrooms
315g, 6pcs, potato, mushrooms
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7.00 BYN

Frozen khinkali
Frozen khinkali Tiflis
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12.50 BYN

Frozen khinkali with cheese
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12.50 BYN

Hot dishes
#13 Odzhakhuri
430/35/5/5/2g, fried pork ribs, potatoes, greens, onion, garlic, spices, pomegranate
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19.90 BYN

Ostri from Chef
#14 Ostri from Chef
1/300/2g, stewed beef, spices, onion, spicy tomato sauce
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29.00 BYN

Lamb Kababi
#15 Lamb Kababi
1/160/30/60/3g, meat, onion, Tarragon, spices, sauce Satsebeli
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18.70 BYN

Poultry kebabi
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11.90 BYN

Lamb Chakapuli
#17 Lamb Chakapuli
250g, lamb on bone stewed in white dry wine, taraggon, tkemali plum
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29.00 BYN

#18 Borani
310/75g, chicken fillet, red wine, zucchini, champignons, tomatoes, matsoni sauce, estragon
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17.90 BYN

Chkmerski chicken in garlic milk sauce
#19 Chkmerski chicken in garlic milk sauce
500/150g, chicken, garlic sauce. Preparing time 45min
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22.00 BYN

#20 Chakhokhbili
300g, stewed chick, spices, onion, eggs, tomato sauce
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14.90 BYN

Jigaro liver
#21 Jigaro liver
220/5/2g, chicken liver, onion, spices
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10.90 BYN

#22 Lobio
300/50/20g, stewed red beans, spices, greens, onion, croutons
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11.50 BYN

#23 Kuchmachi
260/3g, veal giblets
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9.70 BYN

Vegetables on skrewer
#24 Vegetables on skrewer
100g, bell pepper, zucchini, champignons hats
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7.90 BYN

#26 Chyzhy-Pyzhy
136g, fried eggs, beef brains, spices
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9.20 BYN

Fried Suluguni on ketse
#27 Fried Suluguni on ketse
190g, Suluguni cheese, Imeretinskiy cheese
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12.50 BYN

Baked mushrooms on ketsi
#28 Baked mushrooms on ketsi
135g, champignons hats, Suluguni cheese
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12.50 BYN

Khachapuri Lazuri
#29 Khachapuri Lazuri
400g, flapjack with Imeretian cheese , Suluguni cheese
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17.30 BYN

Imeritian khachapuri
#30 Imeritian khachapuri
300g, cheese Imeretian, cheese Suluguni
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10.70 BYN

Adjarian khachapuri
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14.70 BYN

Khachapuri phlovani
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11.00 BYN

#33 Kharcho
250/150g, beef broth, rice, spices, tomatoes
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15.90 BYN

#34 Chikhirtma
1/250/100/3g, chicken broth, whipped eggs, wine vinegar
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10.70 BYN

Cold appetizers
Georgian salad
#35 Georgian salad
1/329g, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, onion, wine vinegar, svan salt
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11.20 BYN

Georgian salad with walnuts
#36 Georgian salad with walnuts
1/329/10g, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, onion, wine vinegar, svan salt, walnuts
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12.50 BYN

#37 Adjapsandali
1/170g, fried eggplants, tomatoes, bell pepper, spices, cilantro, garlic
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12.50 BYN

Pkhali platter
#38 Pkhali platter
1/120/30/10/3g, beet, eggplant, carrot, french bean, walnut, spices, pomegranate, cilantro, peanut butter
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10.90 BYN

#39 Badridjani
100/5g, eggplant rolls, walnut, cilantro, spices, pomegranate, garlic, peanut butter
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10.90 BYN

#40 Satsivi
1/130/160g, boiled chick fillet, Baje sauce
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15.90 BYN

Imeretian salad
#42 Imeretian salad
170/2g, boiled leek, wine vinegar, walnuts, garlic, pomegranate
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9.90 BYN

Kutaiski salad
#43 Kutaiski salad
1/140g, boiled chicken breast, eggs, estragon, walnuts, svan salt, pomegranate, white wine
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11.50 BYN

#44 Satsebeli
60g, tomatoes
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3.20 BYN

#45 Tkemali
60g, cherry-plums
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3.20 BYN

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5.70 BYN

Green Adjika
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5.70 BYN

White cherry jam
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3.70 BYN

Soft drinks
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27 Mar 2021
19 Mar 2021
04 Mar 2021
27 Feb 2021
Безумно понравился сет! Брали на четверых: очень вкусно и очень сытно! Спасибо, будем заказывать ещё.
26 Feb 2021
Очень вкусно Очень красиво
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