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Belarusian, Lunches, Home cooking
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Fasten menu
#701 Vinegret
160g, pickled cucumbers, oil, salt, potato, carrot, beetroot, onion
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3.40 BYN

Mushroom roast
#702 Mushroom roast
200g, fried potato, champignons, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, onion, garlic, salad mix, pickled cucumbers, bell pepper
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12.90 BYN

Lunch salads
Salad Olivier
#1 Salad Olivier
175g, chicken, potatoes, pickled cucumber, carrots, eggs, green peas, mayonnaise
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3.50 BYN

Salad Panicle
#3 Salad Panicle
205g, cabbage, carrot, beetroot, sesame, oil
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2.90 BYN

Pancake salad
#4 Pancake salad
180g, pancakes, ham, cucumber, pickled cucumber, chinese cabbage, creamy dressing
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3.80 BYN

Village salad
#5 Village salad
160g, chinese cabbage, pickled cucumber, egg, fried potato, mayonnaise, ham
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3.90 BYN

Summer salad
#6 Summer salad
180g, cucumbers, chinese cabbage, pickled cucumber, radish, croutons, egg, creamy dressing, garlic
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3.90 BYN

Salad Paparat Kvetka
#7 Salad Paparat Kvetka
160g, ham, smoked sausage, marinated onion, cucumber, tomato, mayonnaise
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4.30 BYN

Salad Polessian
#8 Salad Polessian
150g, chicken, ham, cheese, egg, cucumber, mayonnaise
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4.35 BYN

Autumn salad
#9 Autumn salad
140g, chicken, tomato, champignons, onion, croutons, mayonnaise
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3.20 BYN

Salad Paulinka
#10 Salad Paulinka
150g, chicken, cheese, carrot, egg, apple, mayonnaise, sour cream
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3.40 BYN

Salad Vegetable with corn
#11 Salad Vegetable with corn
220g, cabbage, cuucmber, radish, corn, oil
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3.40 BYN

Salad Vegetable
#12 Salad Vegetable
220g, onion, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, chinese cabbage, oil
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2.80 BYN

Salad Windsor
#13 Salad Windsor
230g, chicken fillet, green beans, grape, tomatoes, lettuce mix, cheese, almond, mustard lemon dressing
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9.00 BYN

Salad Gourman
#14 Salad Gourman
370g, beef tongue, marinated onion, pickled milk mushrooms, lettuce mix, tomatoes, egg, mayonnaise, ketchup
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9.50 BYN

Lunch soups
Lunch Hot Dishes
Homemade cutlets
#60 Homemade cutlets
120g, pork shoulder, chicken fillet, onion, egg, white bread
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3.59 BYN

Meat balls
#61 Meat balls
130/50g, pork shoulder, rice, onion, tomato paste
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5.12 BYN

Cutlet Nesvizh
#62 Cutlet Nesvizh
130g,chicken fillet, cheese, egg, garlic
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5.70 BYN

Chicken roast in a pot
#63 Chicken roast in a pot
260g, chicken fillet, onion, champignons, potato, sour cream
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6.10 BYN

Roast with homemade sausages
#64 Roast with homemade sausages
325g, homemade sausages, buckwheat, onion, mushrooms, sour cream
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6.30 BYN

Chicken fillet in breading
#65 Chicken fillet in breading
150g, chicken fillet, bread crumbs, egg
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5.70 BYN

Baked homemade draniki  in a pot
#66 Baked homemade draniki in a pot
310g, pork loin, sour cream, draniki
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7.20 BYN

#70 Machanka
290g, pork loin, homemade sausages, pancakes, sour cream sauce, onion
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7.00 BYN

Pilaf with pork
#73 Pilaf with pork
275g, pork, rice, carrot, garlic
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6.40 BYN

Lunch garnish
Sauce Tartar
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1.15 BYN

Sauce Pomadoro
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1.15 BYN

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0.40 BYN

Soup with rabbit
#500 Soup with rabbit
250g, rabbit fillet, carrot, potato, green beans, onion, spinach
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7.90 BYN

Meat solyanka
#501 Meat solyanka
250g, beef broth, onion, green and black olives, tomato paste, ham, beef, lemon, capers, sour cream
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6.50 BYN

Hot dishes
#520 Bychok
470g, beef testicles, onion, champignons, tomatoes
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13.60 BYN

Draniki baked in pot
#521 Draniki baked in pot
520g, draniki, pork, chantrelles, bell pepper, sour cream
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13.80 BYN

Draniki with brisket and mushrooms
#522 Draniki with brisket and mushrooms
510g, draniki, brisket, champignons, onion, sour cream
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12.80 BYN

Kolduny with chop
#523 Kolduny with chop
540g, draniki, pork chop, mushroom sauce
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13.60 BYN

#525 Skoblyanka
390g, beef, chicken fillet, onion, meat sauce, fried potato, tomatoes, fried pepper, leek
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12.90 BYN

Machanka with pancakes
#526 Machanka with pancakes
500g, pork, homemade sausasges, onion, chantrelles, porcini mushrooms, champignons, sour cream, pancakes
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13.50 BYN

Meat grilliata
#528 Meat grilliata
410g, beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin, chicken fillet, homemade sausages, village potato, pomadoro sauce, salad mix
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14.90 BYN

Chicken fillet with grilled vegetables
#529 Chicken fillet with grilled vegetables
485g, chicken fillet, bell pepper, tomatoes, green beans, salad mix
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14.60 BYN

Village pan
#530 Village pan
500g, pork, mushrooms, onion, mayonnaise, sour cream, egg, potato, cheese
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12.50 BYN

Pan Family meal
#531 Pan Family meal
420g, bacon, tomatoes, onion, sour cream, potato, cheese
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11.90 BYN

Village pork chops
#532 Village pork chops
320g, pork, draniki, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad mix
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14.00 BYN

Pan Hot
#533 Pan Hot
490g, beef, onion, potato, bell pepper, black olives, garlic, cheese
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15.50 BYN

Chicken fillet po-tzarski
#534 Chicken fillet po-tzarski
340g, chicken fillet, mushrooms, bell pepper, cheese, mayonaise
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12.00 BYN

Pork in mustard sauce
#535 Pork in mustard sauce
370g, pork neck, mustard sauce, village potato
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12.90 BYN

Tongue under bechamel sauce
#537 Tongue under bechamel sauce
450g, beef tongue, green beans, bell pepper, onion, carrot, milk sauce, tomatoes
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14.80 BYN

Potato babka
#538 Potato babka
500g, potato, brisket, tomatoes, onion, champignons, sour cream, mayonnaise, cheese
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12.80 BYN

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3.20 BYN

Bonaqua still
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2.50 BYN

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