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Veggie Bar.Main DishesFresh mushroom pizzaTofu steak with brand saladBrand cutlet with Italian garnishChia seeds caviarBurger in Thai style SetsSet with carrot soupSet with Tom YamSet with French soupDessertsSet candies without sugarSet Cakes RAWSet pastry RAWCheesecakeBlueberry coconut cheesecakeDrinksCoconut milkSesame milk with dates and spicesStrawberry shakeBlueberry shake with lime leavesGreen cocktailRaspberry shake with mint Vegan and Raw
Veggie Bar

Vegan and Raw
Working hours
11:00 - 21:00
Delivery Fee 2.00BYN

Veggie Bar

Main Dishes
Fresh mushroom pizza
#1 Fresh mushroom pizza
300g, flax seeda, carrot, celery, ginger, homemade tomato sauce, romaine lettuce, red cabbage, tomatoes, champignons, cashew sauce, ruccola, spices
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14.00 BYN

Tofu steak with brand salad
#2 Tofu steak with brand salad
265g, Tofu steak with Teriyaki sauce, crispy vegetable salad with sprouts, kinoa and nut sauce
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10.50 BYN

Brand cutlet with Italian garnish
#3 Brand cutlet with Italian garnish
295g, chickpea cutlet with Shiitake mushrooms, polenta with dried tomatoes and sage pesto
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9.50 BYN

Chia seeds caviar
#4 Chia seeds caviar
180g, chia seeds, nori, soy sauce, water, flax oil
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9.80 BYN

Burger in Thai style
#5 Burger in Thai style
300g, non-yeasted bun, Teriyaki sauce, Iceberg lettuce, chickpea cutlet, Shiitake mushrooms, Tofunes, mush sprouts, carrot, nut sauce
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9.50 BYN

Set with carrot soup
#7 Set with carrot soup
366g, aroma carrot cream soup with smoked tempe, bruscetta with Tofu wakame paste and chia seeds caviar, candy Hazelnut iris
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11.50 BYN

Set with Tom Yam
#8 Set with Tom Yam
402g, piquant Thai soup Tom Yam with coconut milk, tender hummus with baked beetroot and ruccola, candy truffle
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13.50 BYN

Set with French soup
#9 Set with French soup
304g, French cream soup with sprout seeds with cashew-cheese, Beetroot crispbreads with sesame, Candy white chocolate
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9.90 BYN

Set candies without sugar
#12 Set candies without sugar
47g, candy truffle, hazelnut toffee, white chocolate
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9.00 BYN

Set Cakes RAW
#13 Set Cakes RAW
200g, Brownie cake, Cookie cake
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13.50 BYN

Set pastry RAW
#14 Set pastry RAW
300g, lemon and lime tart, apricot tart, chocolate tart
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18.90 BYN

#15 Cheesecake
1kg, corn flour, flax flour, blueberry, coconut milk, Tofu, cane raw sugar
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29.50 BYN

Blueberry coconut cheesecake
#16 Blueberry coconut cheesecake
110g, corn flour, flax meal, blueberry, coconut milk, tofu, brown sugar
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5.00 BYN

Coconut milk
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6.00 BYN

Strawberry shake
#20 Strawberry shake
300ml, strawberry, ginger, coconut milk, banana
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8.40 BYN

Blueberry shake with lime leaves
#21 Blueberry shake with lime leaves
300ml, blueberry, banana, lime leaves, coconut milk
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8.30 BYN

Green cocktail
#22 Green cocktail
300ml, banana, pineapple, basil, vitgrass, coconut milk
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8.40 BYN

Raspberry shake with mint
#23 Raspberry shake with mint
300ml, raspberry, banana, lime, mint, dates
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8.40 BYN

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Святослав О.
18 Jul 2019

Все нормально. Полезная еда

13 Jun 2019
Вкусная полезная еда.
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