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Prime cafe
The Black Door Home cooking
Cafe Netto
Obed Express
  • Lunch on Wednesday
    #557 Lunch on Wednesday
    Salad with tomatoes and coriander (100g), Soup of the day (250g), Chicken schnitzel (100g), Millet porridge with carrot (150g)
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    6.99 BYN
Prime Time
Rakovskiy Brovar
Fresh Line Zhukova
I told you
In Vino
Punkt pitaniya
Sem komnat
Om Namo
  • Gulab Jammun
    #71 Gulab Jammun
    60/15g, Milk powder, milk, paneer, sugar, sunflower oil, semolina, wheat flour, starch, cardamon
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    2.00 BYN
  • Friday Lunch
    #504 Friday Lunch
    Salad with ham and mushrooms (120g), Chicken broth with egg (250g), Chicken fillet roast (120g), Pearl poregge with mushrooms (150g)
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    7.69 BYN
Kino Vino
Randevu Le Rose
  • Lunch set 3
    #3 Lunch set 3
    Salad Olivier (100g), Pearl barley soup with mushrooms (300g), Homemade cutlet (150g), Buckwheat (200g), Berry mors (200g), Bread
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    7.00 BYN
Timokhin Dvor
Zolotoy Grebeshok
  • Clove
    #4 Clove
    25g, сlove is goes well with meat and fish dishes, porridges, pilaf, bakery, puddings, fruit and vegetable salads, desserts, drinks, mushrooms, sauces, pickles
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    2.50 BYN
Myasnaya lavka
Le Gosse
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