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  • Pickles assortment
    #22 Pickles assortment
    500g, pickled cucumber, marinated pepper, cabbage, marinated tomato, marinated garlic
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    20.00 BYN
Timokhin Dvor
  • Pickles
    #65 Pickles
    310g, marinated honey fungus, cabbage, spicy carrot, marinated onion, wild garlic, marinated garlic, pickled tomatoes and cucumbers, green onion
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    8.80 BYN
  • Basil
    #3 Basil
    basil is used for pizza, salads, soups, cottage cheese, meat products, marinades, pickles, sauerkraut
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    2.50 BYN
  • Clove
    #4 Clove
    25g, сlove is goes well with meat and fish dishes, porridges, pilaf, bakery, puddings, fruit and vegetable salads, desserts, drinks, mushrooms, sauces, pickles
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    2.50 BYN
  • Red barbaris
    #99 Red barbaris
    25g, good for pickles
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    3.00 BYN
Timokhin Zakutok
Asia Mix
  • Pickles
    #3 Pickles
    250g, carrot, light salted cucumbers, ramsons, tomato cherry, Jalapenos, bell pepper
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    8.00 BYN
Timokhin Zakutok Esenina
The Black Door Home cooking
Coffee Tree
  • Pickles platter
    #39 Pickles platter
    200g, marinated cabbage, pickled cucumber, marinated green tomato, cranberry
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    6.90 BYN
Chaihana Baklazhan
  • Chaihan pickled
    #4 Chaihan pickled
    400g, pickled pepper, pickled tomatoes Cherry, pickled cucumbers, spicy carrot
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    15.00 BYN
Vremya est
In Vino
  • Homemade pickles
    #254 Homemade pickles
    315g, tomatoes Cherry, pickled cucumbers, zuccini, marinated mushrooms, saurkraft, corn, onion
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    10.00 BYN
I told you
  • Pickles
    #6 Pickles
    320/20g, canned pepper, pickled garlic, corn, cucumbers, pickled cherry tomatoes, dolma, olives, marinated cherries, spicy carrot, pepper Chili, lettuce, greens
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    15.00 BYN
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